By Mick Flavin

Mick writes:

[Commenter] Ms Piggy requested a drawing of [staunch Catholic Church defender] ABM. If anyone else has a request, I’ll do my best in return for a donation of any size to the Capuchin Day Centre for homeless people.Capuchin Day Centre for homeless people. Send images/ideas to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Mick Flavin’

41 thoughts on “Preposterous

    1. Neilo

      Hah! I didn’t know John Ryan* was the proprietor of this joint. Super cartoon as ever, Flavor Flav.

      *Always felt he should have replaced Dunphy on The Last Word

        1. rotide

          In The Village? No.

          He was on the radio talking about it recently enough, thats maybe where your getting confused.

          1. Sorry

            Hilarious…. but it looks like the original ‘Sheet team of ugly people have morphed into unfeasibly beautiful ones! Guys, you can let Mick draw you as you are, we’d love you anyway! (there’s a lot to be said for keeping it real)

          2. The Lady Vanishes

            Did you not hear of the old Japanese saying:-

            “(S)he who returns a lost dog to its owner, shall show the joy of that owner in their face evermore”

            or somesuch. Glad to see the Broadsheet team looking well and more importantly (except for ABM) happy.

            Who’s the little one with the glasses?

        2. Sorry

          @the Lady

          I must start saving stray dogs instead of eating them with HP sauce for my dinner in the hope of getting a ‘might do’ from the fair Frilly then so.

  1. Frilly Keane

    You have outdone yerself Fla
    Time to be declared a National Treasure and Freeman of Broadsheet
    N’ stuff like that

    That John Ryan lad…. Is that him?

    Probably would

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    That’s preposterously good, and in only two succinct frames.
    Bravo Flavo.
    I agree with Frilly – you should have the key and the freedom to raise your sheep at Broadsheet Towers ;)

  3. Saint Paul

    Saint Paul saw what Mick did and he saw that it was good.

    Actually Saint Paul thinks he may have encountered the ‘real’ ABM the other night.

    He was a sort of balding middle-aged man, sitting slurping affordable pints at a bar in a D4 hostelry.

    Radio on, with headphones, on his mobile phone, also reading one of the right-wing rags. Simultaneously.

    Compelling indicators.

    1. rotide

      Easily as compelling as people who speak about themselves in the third person.

      Or possibly adopt the name Dillon to sound more fabulous.

      1. Saint Paul

        Saint Paul saw what rotide wrote and he sawed rotide in half.

        Only sawdust fell out.

        Saint Paul is just sayin

  4. scottser


    well mick, there’s the confirmation number. now draw me what you think a broadsheet commentators christmas drinks gathering would look like..

    1. Joni2015

      Don’t draw me like some cave dwelling troll. More Ross O’Carrol kelly. How do I donate as obviously I have to blow the rest of them after my posturing earlier.

  5. Smells

    ABM at the wrong end (is there a right end?) of a human caterpillar?? – frame it just off to the side, maybe as a table to hold the niknaks and nibbles for the festive shindig ??
    Must be some literal pictorial representation to pull (spaghetti) hoop, and Clampers.

    Too close to lunch, ughhh.

  6. Peter Dempsey

    You’re slagging off Catholics and want us to donate to a charity run by Catholics.


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