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Stamp this out.

Vanessa S writes:

A lot of people will find themselves without cards and presents this year in the Midlands and Dublin. Envelope cut in the middle with knife, card taken out and put back in the wrong way (as above). I have written to An Post:
Dear An Post
Can I kindly request that your staff refrain from opening my post? Perhaps you could you know, spread some festive cheer by not fleecing us twice, once for the stamp and again for the contents!
No there was no cash in there. The people who chanced their arm were left empty handed because they thought a small cheque was cash! Some other people won’t be as lucky.

Deranged urban myth/postal paranoia or ‘on the money’?

Only you can decide.

58 thoughts on “Opened In Error

  1. Ms Piggy

    What evidence does Vanessa S have that this is why the envelope was opened? Apart from anything else, I’d have thought that if a dishonest postal worker were doing what she alleges, they’d hardly reseal it with an official An Post sticker. It’s quite an accusation she’s making, and I don’t see the basis for it.

  2. Kolmo

    Woah there, take it down a notch – Letters can get caught up in the automated sorting machines, a rare occurrence but it looks like that’s what happened. If they were trying to steal from your letter, I doubt they would put an official sticker on the damaged envelope to highlight it….christ.

  3. Conski

    whats the deal with Broadsheet clearly interfering and publishing with a private message from Vanessa S to An Post!?!?
    The damage of one’s reputation is incalculable/ 68c

    1. VinLieger

      An post are notorious for this around christmas, their service is horrific at the best of times but at christmas they just couldnt be bottomed and take from their customers in more ways than not actually doing the job they are paid for

      1. Kolmo

        Notorious? Horrific? – I’ve dealt with An Post for nearly 20 years and I disagree with your assertion there, due to extra volumes at christmas, there may be a slightly slower delivery time but I wouldn’t call it horrific, getting caught up in an industrial sausage mixer is horrific, or falling off a scaffold at 100ft, that’s pretty horrific.

      2. munkifisht

        And hte hyperbolic statement of the century goes to….. well, not to VinLieger. That would in itself be hyperbolic in the extreme possibly establishing some kind of paradox, but come on. Horrific?! Compare An Post to places in the world where the postal service is not as good, or even non existent. I’m still amazed you can send a letter to anyone in the country or Europe for as little as it costs.

  4. Miq

    There’s no way that was opened on purpose. It looks just ripped. It can happen on transit.

    Postmen aren’t in the business of opening any letters, I assure you.

        1. Owen

          One example and trash them all, eh?

          I was a temporary postman for a number of Christmas’s back when they took on extra staff. This is an outrageous and blind accusation. Nothing more.

          1. Owen

            Its 100% not a common occurrence, happy now? This is the first accusation I have ever come across. And that’s what it is, an accusation.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          And that’s why you should have some faith in the system, yeah? I suppose if no one ever got fired for that kinda thing you’d be calling for an investigation into why they appear to be so squeaky clean……

          1. J

            My experience with An Post or the boogie man monitoring my post:
            Tickets to Leonard Cohen stolen
            Bday card envelope suspiciously torn
            Bank card and pin number stolen – cash withdrawn from my account.
            Response from An Post: It wasn’t us.

          2. Goosey Lucy

            Maybe look to your neighbours?
            Our postman has an annoying habit of never fully putting anybody’s mail into the letterbox. This means anybody could, in theory, take out an envelope and open it, drop it back in. It doesn’t happen all the time in fairness.

          3. Goosey Lucy

            Also- just in the interest of balance : the bank NEVER sends a bank card and a pin in the same envelope, it’s usually days apart. So it is v odd, and I’d def investigate further
            ……maybe you’ve a stalker ?

      1. J

        @Clampers. I unintentionally clicked “reply”. You did not figure in my conversation with myself. Please forgive me.

  5. Disasta

    Don’t use An Post. Simply because if I’m not there I have to wait until the weekend to collect a package due to stupid opening hours of local depot.

    Anyway, people who send money in the post are not that bright.

  6. Murtles

    Hello, Auntie Mary? Vanessa here, thanks for the card. Tell me did you have money in it? No? Oh alright, but anyway listen did you put it in to the envelope face up or face down? Whaddya mean you can’t remember? For f^^^ks sake Mary, simple enough question, simple enough answer required, FACE. UP. OR. FACE. DOWN??

    1. Goosey Lucy

      It’s not even a question that ought to be asked- it’s like asking if you eat steak with a fish knife, or if you eat your foie gras before or after dessert.
      Uncouth savages

    1. missred

      Only if you’re the late Mena Cribben, postmistress of the late Santry post office. She used to seize packets she thought were contraceptives.

    1. Murtles

      She did but her letter was removed and rewritten as a recipe for Nigellas delicious Christmas Rum Pudding. Placed face downwards too.

  7. Paps

    Can I kindly request that your staff refrain from publishing these posts? Perhaps you could you know, spread some festive cheer.

  8. postmanpat

    Vanessa S. . She is the type of person who would ring a florist accusing them of not delivering flowers just because she didn’t get a thank you call from the person she was sending them to. Accusing people who get out of bed and work (she doesn’t by the sounds of her) of stealing and thinking a card should be entered the right or wrong way around in an envelope? Get a job lady.

  9. Anomanomanom

    How is An post even still in existence. The money the pay staff is ridiculous and how they sustain it in the times of instant message and email is a mystery.

    1. pedeyw

      People still order stuff off the internet. I trust An Post with packages slightly more than I do a lot of private couriers.

  10. Clampers Outside!

    Having read the comments above I now can claim to be at Diploma level on ‘How To Put Cards in an Envelope’.

    And here was I thinking the procedure for birthday cards was:
    1. Don’t put money in
    2. Don’t lick and seal it, just close it
    3. Put a stamp on it

  11. Simon

    Surely the evil sticky fingered postie will intercept Vanessa’s letter and not deliver it to his bosses?

  12. Anne

    It doesn’t look like the envelope was fully ripped all the way across.

    In saying that, I’ve had relatives here who’ve sent dollars to the U.S. and the relative in the U.S. never received them.
    I send bank drafts myself.. used to be 2.50 to get a U.S. draft with AIB, tis 7 euro these days. Increase of nearly 300% in one go by the gougers. Although some tellers down the countryside don’t put the charge through… Culchies are nice like that.

    Is there some of scanners available to postal workers to get an idea if there’s cash inside I wonder? Or is it a McElvaney thing.. they can smell it or something?

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