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Luke Brennan writes:

Sketch I did of Dalkey [Co Dublin] to celebrate Dalkey-based Cuala GAA‘s run in the Leinster championship [Cuala were Dublin senior Hurling League and Championship winners]…

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28 thoughts on “The Home Of GAA

    1. pedeyw

      We were told not to go up there when I was a kid because apparently some teenagers had a “cider party” and a couple of them fell through the roof and died. Dunno if any of it actually happened.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yikes – I heard that story too, or something like it – but not that they died. That’s why it was fenced off for years. I would comb the mountains regularly with the Scouts and stories of the Hellfire Club would oft arise over the campfire or hostel fireplace – many embellished of course. Our parents were also freaked by the place due to the original hooved-visitor story so nobody was permitted up there at all, no, not on yer nelly. The brave ones that did actually haul sleeping bags and flagons up were hailed as heroes.

        1. Neilo

          The reality is probably more prosaic: the Council were terrified of being sued by well-connected, litigious parents when Maeliosa or Medb fell fork first through the roof timbers.

        2. Mikeyfex

          Ah I was there recently for the first time. Deadly spot for a bit of a party I’d say. Are there gatherings there for Halloween at all? Well there should be, for the views and the stories.

          1. Neilo

            Indeed! Who doesn’t enjoy invoking Azazel while enjoying a chilled flagon of Clonmel Commotion Lotion?

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            Yes. Around the mid-00s with the surge in hikers on Montpellier Hill they opened it up and tidied up the trail that leads to it. There are treasure hunts and storytelling for the kids there at Halloween plus other japes for all ages and now coaches ferry tourists up there from Dublin hotels once suitable spooked out. You can enter the old building itself. The view from the top is fantastic. New Years Day walk sorted.

          3. Mikeyfex

            Ya, it was precisely the head-clearer we needed that particular weekend. You could give someone an awful hop in some of the rooms to the back there*.

            *Actress to bishop.

    1. Neilo

      Turn Around! Please Don’t Let Me Hit The Ground! A bright shiny sixpence to the young shaver that spots the reference.

  1. Neilo

    Nice! Brings me back to John Peel’s first airing of the 12″ on poptastic BBC Radio 1 in glorious MW when I loitered on my bunk bed in Rannafast in the, ah, uneven summer of 1982. Seriously. who’s older than me around here?

      1. Neilo

        I doubt you are too far behind me, rotide…though your contrarian nature speaks of one who may need to apply Just For Men to, um, areas…

    1. Otis Blue

      I bought a pristine copy of this a couple of weeks at a record fair in Clonakilty. Superb 12″ with Everything’s Gone Green, Procession, Mesh, Hurt and Temptation.

      Just glorious.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I just wish they’d bury the hatchet with Hooky.
        But then I still wonder (!) why ebony and ivory can live together in perfect harmony on my piano keyboard and yet we can’t.

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