Putting Waterford On The Map



Waterford Whispers Takes Over The World

The already-acclaimed buke from the people behind the popular website.

Waterford Whispers say

Sending up Irish politics, poking fun at megalomaniac billionaires, and extracting the Michael out of everyday life, here in Ireland and around the world WWN’s new book – Waterford Whispers News Takes Over the World is the greatest literary achievement since James Joyce wrote down his weekly shopping list on a bit of parchment and handed it over to Nora Barnacle.

WWN’s new book brings you brand new stories and features as well as favourites such as Uncle Ben shot dead by US police, Waterford Crystal Meth announces 45 new jobs and New ‘Silage’ body spray for single farmers, plus satirical spins on the Marriage Referendum, 1916 commemorations, the US Presidential Election, ISIS and the Catholic church.

We have two (yes TWO copies) of WWTOTW to giveaway.

To enter, simply create a Waterford Whispers-style headline for the Easter Rising 1916.

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

Waterford Whispers Takes Over The World

Waterford Whispers

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111 thoughts on “Putting Waterford On The Map

  1. Joe cool

    “Enda announces himself as michael collins reincarnated, gives out free big fella statues to every home”

  2. paul murphy

    Michael Collins body to be exhumed as part of 1916 centenary celebrations and put on display in Coppers cloakroom

  3. Michelle o brien

    Large gathering at GPO in Dublin to protest against the rising cost of chocolate eggs – risen 350% since Easter 1915

  4. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    ’82 year old Dubln Lady queueing for stamps not sure what all the commotion is about’

  5. bertie blenkinsop

    Incredible coincidence!
    Dublin rising started by fellas with the exact same names as the Ballymun flats.

  6. ahjayzis

    ‘Sinister Fringe Storm Post Office, Biscuit Factory. “Sure Haven’t They The Newest, Shiniest Guns and Uniforms” – Deputy Lord Lieutenant.’

  7. schweddy

    “Jacob’s Biscuit Factory occupied by Rebels who smuggled illegal figs into the country in the guise of Fig Rolls”

  8. Perry Throne

    “We’d been hammered since Good Friday and just got bored. And SuperMacs was closed”, say gang holed up in local post office.
    etc etc

  9. Conor

    Our lawyers have informed us Denis O’Brien was not involved directly or by proxy in the funding of these events

  10. FortyCoats

    Army Intelligence apprehends Dublin mother and son for passing rebel signals –
    Boy confesses: “Me ma told me to run and get the messages”

  11. Odockatee

    Xposè Rising fashion special: How to accessorise those must have Free State uniforms in our (19)16 page pull out

  12. ahjayzis

    ” Rebels In GPO Inundated With Solicitors Letters From William Martin Murphy. Demands Handing Over Of Dossier”

  13. Supercrazyprices

    I do like WWN. But it’s the Irish Onion and not in the slightest bit original. Probably some MBA who got lucky with the idea of an Irish one, knowing loads of Boggers and middle aged men wouldn’t have heard of the Onion.

    It won’t last. Another two years max. So sell it on now lads to some gobshite who’ll watch the decline instead of you.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Dunno ’bout that

      That madhouse
      Might have given him plenty material

      Now that I think of OTD
      I miss Cian…

  14. Spaghetti Hoop

    Idle British Sherwood Foresters Regiment happy to finally get “a bit of action and a decent pint” in Dublin for Easter.

  15. Adrian

    Dublin man exiled after admitting “not a single member of my family was in the GPO at the time of the uprising”

  16. Pat Walsh

    General Post Office Downgraded To Major Following Dublin Skirmishes (The Daily Telegraph)

    (Yes, I know the competition ended at midnight, but Im only after reading now)

  17. Boba Fettucine

    “Elite coalition of paedos, poets and upper-class twits astonishingly fail to throw off shackles of World’s most powerful Empire.”

  18. UPlanner

    Upon receiving invitation to Easter Rising 2016 celebrations, Councillor McElvaney asks: “Are you going to pay me by the hour or by the job?”

  19. Martin Hynes

    1916 Easter Rising centenary celebrations postponed for 1 year to coincide with the EU’s dalamation refugee agreement.

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