Broadsheet Trailer Park: Star Trek Beyond



What you may need to know:

1. Lest we forget, there’s another installment of a long-running sci-fi franchise in the pipeline.

2. It looks like incoming director Justin Lin (Fast and Furious) has thrown a curveball and decided to go small.

Co-written by Simon Pegg. “What about… MORE SCOTTY?”

4. That might be Idris Elba @0:55.

How many times has the Enterprise been destroyed at this stage?

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Star Trek: “Woohoo! Look at meee!” Star Wars: “Yeah, whatever.”

Release Date:
July 2016.

16 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Star Trek Beyond

  1. Tibor

    I know its just a trailer but if this is another movie with no ideas and just blowing stuff up then Star Trek is pretty much dead. The last one was so moronic, I hope this one is better.

      1. Christopher

        Oh dear lord! The Khan references? The resurrection blood? the endless punching scene at the end? The resetting of all character development from the first movie? Ugh. The people in the torpedos? Khans crappy plan? The evil admiral? Spock deciding to ask Spock prime about Khan for no bloody reason except its a movie. There was much wrong with that film, it was horrible.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Oh wait, was there two new(reboots) already. What ever the first new one was I liked *if that makes sense*

        2. munkifisht

          [SPOILER ALERT]

          Add to this the pointless chase at the end because Kahn’s genetically engineered blood was Kirk’s only chance…. REALLY? Well what about hte 50 other genetically engineered head the balls in the torpedoes?

          1. Kieran NYC

            I don’t even mind the new direction they’ve gone in. It’s whatever. Star Trek has always changed. Not really my bag, but I understand they’re trying to make money from a big movie.

            But wow, it was so badly written. Just so dumb. Transformers-level moronic. Annoys me to the point where I have to turn it off if it’s on TV.

            And I find things to enjoy in Star Trek 5!

  2. Funster Fionnanánn

    Is this the 3rd or 4th or 5th one of these? It’s ok but it ain’t Star Trek. It’s all too fast and shiny. I dunno, it has the uniforms and the ships but the soul of the original has been scooped out.

    I will wait until it’s on film 4.

  3. Zaccone

    If they’re going to spend a fortune on CGI I don’t see why they can’t spend it on large space opera style warfare stuff. Thats what made some of the highlights of Star Trek – First Contact, the last few seasons of Deep Space Nine etc, not the generic-off-world-adventure stuff that could be any adventure film.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Listen dude, if that is in fact your really name. You can’t talk about new movies until I get to see the dude in a new movie.

  4. Continuity Jay-Z

    They are serious men for crashing Starships. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Starfleet are hauled up in front of the Public Accounts Committee.

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