A Holly Jolly Christmas



Laura Donnelly writes:

Daisy really loves wearing her Christmas jumper, she just looks sad all year round! Those eyes.


Reitlinn o’Connor writes:

Oscar (top) and Charlie clearly not getting in the Christmas spirit…


Amy Murray writes:

Polly sporting a nativity gown….The kids in school complained that the gown smelled a bit….


Pauline Whelton writes:

Here’s Binky trying to hide from Santa under a very fake Xmas tree. Same trick every year….



Jean Michel writes:

Zola doesn’t care much for the baby Jebus.



Brian Moran writes:

Toby giving me the evil eye (top) but eventually gets into the spirit (above)



Dan Buckley writes:

Cooper is back!

My pet at Xmas to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘My Pet At Xmas’. Present for every pet posted.

3 thoughts on “A Holly Jolly Christmas

  1. Starina

    If I ever have a horse I’m naming him Binky.

    Perhaps Zola doesn’t care for baby Jeebus…because he’s called Zola?

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