You Shouldn’t Have



Trevor Larkin writes:

Piper just realised she put on a few pounds during the year

Holly Bandana(1)

Maria Casey writes:

Holly in her “Have a Paw-fect Christmas!” bandana she agrees to wear exactly one day a year.


Janet writes:

Kitcha guards the Christmas tree.


Sabrina Lane

This is Boo, beginning her annual destruction of our Christmas tree.


Sabrina Coldrick writes:

My lab Lexie looking very “fetching” in her Xmas neckerchief watching, waiting and limbering up for Santa’s arrival…

My pet at Xmas to marked ‘My Pet At Xmas’. A gift for every critter featured.

14 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Have

    1. pedeyw

      You’re ruining Christmas by complaining. I’m ruining Christmas by complaining about your complaining. WE’RE DOOMED.

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