‘No Proof Of Wrongdoing Or Harm’


Vexatious litigant is vexatious.

Previously: They All Have It Infamy

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39 thoughts on “‘No Proof Of Wrongdoing Or Harm’

  1. vaD

    First! Denis & Blushirt cronies will find a way to get them dossiers. “Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them”

    1. Pawel

      Anne, I cannot let you take blame.

      Denis, it was I what commission de dossiers, but not one bit of them was not untrue.
      So mon frere, as we say back home, you can suck a fat one.

          1. Anne

            I was hoping for a Spartacus- like follow on there.. :)

            I wonder why didn’t they ever say Spartacus was some dead guy in the corner?
            ‘That’s Spartacus lying over there, look, he’s dead’.. doesn’t have the same dramatic affect I suppose.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    That’s two Christmas presents today, thanks for the good news BS !

    By the way BS, dunno who first associated “infamy” with Denis O’Brien but the front cover of The Phoenix has him in a t-shirt with “INFAMY They all have it infamy” on the front :)

  3. Clampers Outside!

    The legal editor of the Indo, Dearbhail McDonald who often reports from the courts is not reporting Denis’ woes. Not a whisper…….

    A shame that one of the best reporters this country is silenced.

    1. Charley

      Too busy making a big deal out of Slab Murphy’s tax issues, Only thing that blowing it out of proportion might do is have Fitzpatrick tried in the SCC as his association with redacted could cause intimidation of jurors?

      1. cluster

        ‘making a big deal out of Slab Murphy’s tax issues’


        I can’t figure out if you are wholly disingenuous or wholly ignorant.

    2. Jacques Scum

      Clampers, The Independent did write a short article that doesn’t have all the interesting detail that The Irish Times has. For example: “The judge said he cannot decide if there had been a lack of candour as there simply was not enough evidence.

      While it might well be the case, the court believes the “full story” had not been told about matters including the circumstances in which the memory stick appeared on Mr O’Brien’s desk. There may well be a “perfectly good explanation” for all of that, the judge said, adding that he simply could not decide, based on the evidence, that there was a lack of candour.”.

      If I controlled a newspaper, I might consider asking the editor to produce a short, one sided article about me very quickly so people wouldn’t read a longer, less complimentary article elsewhere.

    1. vaD

      Then it will all come tumbling down! His highly lucrative businesses will not be able to service their debts!

      Or, his bondholders are rational, sensible, apolitical non-nitwits who don’t give a poobag about what small things happen to him in court in Ireland.


      1. Dav

        It’ll be more akin to someone shouting the “emperor has no clothes”. His His highly lucrative businesses as you call them can be easily run by whomever the bondholders parachute in, instead of being run by what could be perceived to be a slightly unhinged egomaniac, who is wasting his and his bondholder resources in legal fees as he tries and sue everybody and anybody that crosses his path.

        1. cluster

          Investors seem to tolerate ‘slightly unhinged egomaniac’ CEOs of many businesses – what makes you think this would hurt DOB?

  4. gorugeen

    Couldn’t be happier with the High Court. What a thoughtful gift to the reasonable masses. Starve a tapeworm and it will die.

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