I Wanna Be In Adored



Free tonight?

Miq writes:

Whelans is launching a new club night tonight called Adored, curated by The Swedish Railway Orchestra [Dublin-based multimedia project “with interests in music, film and art”]. Fancy it? Well, save yizzer selves some money and get on the guestlist on the Facebook event page [link below].

Adored at Whelans (Facebook)

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11 thoughts on “I Wanna Be In Adored

        1. Neilo

          Hello to you, my name is Ralf and I have come from Dusseldorf. By the way, curated? You mean they stuck a mini-jack into their iPod and pressed shuffle.

      1. Neilo

        God. looking at the listed artists on the poster just now. It’s whiter than Salt Lake City: all head, no hips.

  1. Common Projects

    So… an indie disco in Whelan’s, playing the hits. Curated by lads who probably played in Whelan’s before. GTFO.

  2. Custo

    That’s just a list of all the band s that are already ubiquitous on the Whelans jukebox.

    Bringing coal to Newcastle there.

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