Behold: The Known Universe


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A logarithmic depiction of the known universe by musician and artist Pabloi Carlos Budassi using deep space photographs collected from NASA pieced together to form a map where each consecutive ‘ring’ represents several orders of magnitude further than the adjacent one nearer the centre.

The image was inspired and informed by similar (but less impressive) images created at Princeton University in 2005.

Giant version here.

MORE: This is what the entire universe looks like in one image (Tech Insider)


4 thoughts on “Behold: The Known Universe

  1. dave g k

    Apparently if you keep on zooming into the centre, you’re greeted by the smiling face of Denis O’Brien.

  2. Anne

    Cool imagine, but I don’t think the magnification gives you a realistic representative image of the universe..
    Magnified out, it’s supposed to look like the outer rings shown in that image there..
    “One level deeper, you can see the structure in more detail. Still we see filaments, voids and, in the centre of the image, a huge galaxy supercluster. You can see clusters of galaxies and superclusters, and still the whole image from left to right measures approximately 1.7 billion light years.”

  3. munkifisht

    Yea, this is a very old image that’s been doing the rounds again. It’s wrong also. The sun’s scale is incorrect relative to the planets.

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