Meanwhile, In Galway



Computer nerds?

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9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Galway

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Of course flood waters hang around – they seep into the water table, ya eejit!

    As for road signs….oh my…we have to be the worst in Europe.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Im Guessing this is a special case.
      As in the popular lunch money thevin’ Garda Jock is probably referring to temporary signs saying things like “Road closed” or “Road closed due to flooding” or “Road is under the feckin drink lads, in poo all together”.

  2. joj

    fancy folk and their GPS, sure break out the good old OSI maps that dont show the M50, it’s not too surprising now why the Pulse system uptake was so slow

  3. Vote Rep #1

    Computer nerds, I like that.

    I guess they mean to stay on the main roads rather then taking the shortest route as per the gps system on your phone, booting down awful back roads where the potholes are covered in water so can’t be seen.

    The floods do give them a good excuse to still not fix the potholes.

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