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Had an abortion abroad?

The founders of X-ile Project write:

“X-ile project is an ongoing online gallery of women and trans-men who have accessed abortion services outside of Ireland. Our objective is to give a much-needed face to women who have effectively been exiled from Ireland and ignored due to unduly strict abortion laws.”

“We aim to demonstrate that those who choose to travel to have an abortion are responsible, ordinary women and are our neighbours, friends, colleagues, mothers, daughters and partners. X-ile Project contributes to and bolsters pro-choice campaigning that aims to break down the overwhelming stigma around women who travel from Ireland for the purpose of having an abortion.”

“In recent times several women have come forward through various media outlets to share their abortion stories. X-ile Project builds on the important work undertaken by such women. We believe that it is vital to strengthen links between women who have travelled for abortion services, and to present such women as one cohesive group. Our website launched on 10 December 2015 with our first batch of 11 photographs. We will continue to seek participants for our online gallery into the foreseeable future.”

“It is the time to confront the abortion issue in Ireland and to build toward a more progressive future where women are heard, respected and trusted. We are committed to the destigmatisation of abortion in Ireland. We stand firmly in support of the 170,000-plus women who have left Ireland to avail of abortion services.”

Anyone who wishes to can contact the X-ile Project, in confidence, here.

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15 thoughts on “The X-iles

    1. cluster

      The Blueshirts (with Labour) legislated for X after decades of inaction and they held the ssm marriage referendum.

      Obviously Kenny’s natural instinct would be to stay away from repealing the 8th & then providing abortion on demand, but that’s where we come in. If we demand it, it will happen.

      Just like the first two examples above.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      They have indeed. In many cases trans men who haven’t fully transitioned but still identify as men end up pregnant, not to mention that instances of sexual assault agains trans people are proportionally higher than those against cisgendered people.

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