22 thoughts on “There Goes The Neighbourhood

  1. Neilo

    Social housing is better served built around a number of locations in rural and urban environments – better access to facilities and services and some of the developments are really nice, too. Never hurts to build in so-called tony areas, either. It’s nice to get a mix!

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Funny how people are all for social housing until there’s plans to build near them. NIMBYism at its worst.

    PS: You’re in Finglas. Bit late to start getting notions.

    1. ollie

      PS daisy, you’re an idiot to judge an area based on your prejudices. Certain areas of Dublin get dumped on all the time. Where’s the social housing in the so called middle class areas where by the way the people are nothing but outwardly wealthy inwardly poor morons.

      1. LW

        This is a beautiful comment. If I might paraphrase, “Hey you idiot, don’t judge areas based on YOUR prejudices. Only middles class areas can be judged, according to MINE!”

    2. Rob_G

      In my experience, the only people demanding social housing are living in areas where it is very unlikely social housing would be built.

  3. Student Chap

    They should put all the students in scribblestown. Sounds like a quaint little place. Also, are Vikings not technically immigrants? Surely they should be as objectionable as the spelling errors in this notice.

  4. dope

    the dawn of the conceited worker-class snobs.
    here it is -( and, in this information age, there is No Excuse for these ‘wuurkkrs’ : here
    it is: Buyer Beware.
    some of these people buy on council estates and later then try to force out the socially
    vulnerable, etc…… and these workers who buy housing on council estates….. want the …
    Council ! and the council’s staff, to be on their side.
    deh Workers….. i.e. Hypocrites ??

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