True Identity



Mark Moloney tweetz:

“Seems Identity Ireland copied their press release to Facebook but accidentally included their personal thoughts at top…”

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120 thoughts on “True Identity

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    “This is a very worrying development in Irish social, political and cultural life..”

    Racists who can’t admit they’re racist all use the same language.

          1. ahyeah

            it’ll take concentration, but I’m willing to give it a go

            you’re not sensitive, though, are you?

    1. Sido

      Unlike tossers like you who use the charge of “racism” to shut down any rational debate on the subject?

          1. linbinius

            Why do people still shout racist when criticism of Islam is Brought up ? So silly.

            Don’t trust I.I. and it is a shame they are the only ones highlighting the issue.

          2. Bobby

            Most of the time it’s people shouting racism because they see racism dressed up as a casual criticism of something else.

          3. linbinius

            @ Bobby

            Yeah, I get that but racist is so specific. Bigot works far better and means the person giving their opinion needs to go few steps ahead in defending it.

            Racist is just wrong. Literally. The best way to win an argument is to help the other lose it.

            So. Bigot > Racist.

          4. Nice Anne (Dammit)

            A complete lady part? Sure, why not bring sexism to the party now bigotry has its wellies under the table?

    2. 15 cents

      oh for .. right.. look. this man applauded 9/11, shows continuing support and encouragement for radicals, terrorists and their acts around the world, and youre saying its racist to try stop him making a base for themselves here? you’re an absolute idiot.

  2. Dr Miles

    “[Irish schools should] employ a female PE teacher and provide students with a sports hall not accessible to men during times when girls are at play. They should also not be visible to men while at play.”

    – Dr. Ali Selim

    Identity Ireland are racist windowlickers, but Dr Ali ain’t the full shilling himself.

    1. Owen O'F

      I remember him threatening to invoke Ireland’s blasphemy laws to prevent Irish media’s publication of a Charlie Hebdo cover following the shootings.

      Yeah, not exactly a positive force for modern secularism.

        1. classter

          We really shouldn’t have to – anyway it is unlikely they would rule it incompatible with the ECHR.

      1. rotide


        Are you sure its policy ? Girls had a seperate PE teacher and were in a seperate space during PE in my school and we weren’t run by Islamic fundies or catholics for that matter. I always assumed girls and boys just did seperate PE.

        1. Neilo

          This is an all-girl school where male PE teachers are not permitted because of the background of 0.25% of the student body.

      1. fluffybiscuits

        To replace radical christianity? Im against radical fundamentalism but those who practice fundametnalism are not true followers of a religion so thus your point is non existent.

          1. Sido

            It wasn’t a point Fluffy, it was a question.
            A simple question, at that.
            Yes or No will suffice. Yet you don’t seem to know the answer

            “So you approve of the spread of radical islam into Ireland?

            Come on now – this ain’t rocket science.

          2. Sido

            …. so. – You don’t do answering questions.

            Preferring instead to just spread a bit of the Fluffy wisdom.

          3. fluffybiscuits

            So my comment ‘Im against radical fundamentalism’ does not adequately explain my point?

            Come on now whipping up some hysteria because you are bored does nothing positive…

        1. Chiara

          unfortunately the radicals are the true followers of any religion. They are the ones who truly commit and practice the teachings. How can you be so blind? This stands for any religion christian included of course. It’s 2016 for crying out loud. Where is the secularism? Where is the progress??

          It’s so depressing that we are still talking about this nonsense. But defending its place in our society disguising it as “culture”?? That’s literally stabbing mankind’s progress in the back.

          1. linbinius

            Arguing over what is the correct way to follow any religion or who are the true followers is bloody ludicrous. You can’t say which is wrong or right, simply which approach fits best with a modern Western society.

            We are still crawling out out a semi-theocratic history (Defamation Bill 09′ for jaysus sake) and I think we would prefer we keep going in that direction.

            People here constantly bemoan the Iona Institute yet don’t see the equally regressive proposals from Selim and similar groups. Then assume people who are against it are bigots/racists/fascists. Shutting down the discussion and pushing people in the direction of questionable organizations.

            Liberals are really killing liberalism. Sad.

      2. ahjayzis

        Do you want a socialist workers revolution?

        If the answer is no, do we silence and proscribe Joe Higgins and co? Or is it fair to air your ideas and canvass support in a democracy?

    1. Chiara

      .. I just have one question: do you actually agree with what Dr. Selim is proposing?

      On school plays Dr Selim points out that “physical contact between members of the opposite sex who can be legally married is forbidden in Islam” and that “gender role-reversal is not permissible”.
      Acting “in a way that may arouse sexual feeling or give sexual hints causes objection.”

      When it came to music some Muslims would see it as prohibited but “if music is performed using non-tuneable percussion instruments such as drums, most Muslims will have no problem”.

      On school plays Dr Selim points out that “physical contact between members of the opposite sex who can be legally married is forbidden in Islam” and that “gender role-reversal is not permissible”.
      Acting “in a way that may arouse sexual feeling or give sexual hints causes objection.”

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Exactly. He’s just some bloke with very outdated and stupid opinions. He doesn’t actually have any power or influence. He thinks girls and boys should be separated in PE. Does ANYONE think there’s any chance he’s actually going to get any schools to do that? So why is anyone paying him attention? Because he’s a Muslim and all of a sudden the words of one old fart become the war cry of a billion Muslims.

          1. Chiara

            yeah sure, just like that time most people didn’t take mein kampf seriously. It’s just ramblings after all.

          2. Chiara

            Oh really?

            Do you take Somalian born refugee Ayan Hirsi Ali seriously? Do you even know who she is? Do you know that she had to flee the Netherlands because “a collection of some harmless old farts” threatened to kill her just because she was brave enough to take part in a documentary that speoke out islam and the cover up of female genital mutilation (of which she is a victim of btw) ? Theo Van Gogh, the director of that documentary, was murdered in Amsterdam in 2004 while cycling to work. The killers left a note on his body, it was addresses to Ayan Hirsi Ali. It had “you are next” written on it.

            So do you see why we must take old farts seriously? Or at least keep an eye on them? It’s because we don’t that horrendous things like this are allowed to happen.

            We need more women like Ayan. The woman has the courage of a lion and I have the utmost respect for her.

            I completely understand why she is living in the U.S. now because of course who would feel safe in Europe in her position until we keep ignoring the elephant in the room?

    2. rotide

      You say that as if everyone in Ireland was waiting with baited breath to see if they would turn out to be bigots rather than 20 people on broadsheet and rabble.

      1. Dr Miles

        Jokes on you, I am at least 7 of the top 10 commenters! And I’ve THREE international caps in the Junior Cup rugger!

  3. ahjayzis

    These guys are whackjobs and I think their leader might have cognitive issues.

    But Selim’s crowd gets far more airtime and influence than they deserve – he is a backward, regressive, theocrat.

    Marian Finucane had Sheikh Umar Al-Qadri from the Blanchardstown Islamic Centre on a while back – he’s the one who pushes for integration, tolerance and vigilance against extremism, seems like a really nice guy – Selim is the one who says none of that’s necessary because there are no problems and never will be problems because we’re all fine as long as no one blasphemes. Al-Qadri made the point that Selim’s crowd are the minority of Irish Muslims, but are given undue prominence because they were the first Islamic organisation in Ireland.

  4. Murtles

    So it’d be okay if it was an Irishman named Seanie O’Toole who decided to spread radical Islamic ideals that include (but are not confined to) a justice system that inflicts harsh penalties on those who do not follow Islamic rules and precepts and which advocate the discrimination of women and non-muslims?

    I think it’s the concept that’s the issue not the race of those instigating it. And I’d hope they’d still be as vocal if it was radical Christianity (or any other religion) that was trying to be spread about.

        1. Dr Miles

          Yep, because radical far-right nut job Muslims accept and take on board criticism as long as it’s not in pictorial form.
          If Dr.Ali and his mates were in the majority here, we’d all be in deep poo-poo

          1. Nigel

            If you mock extremists, you insult extremists. If you mock Islam you insult Muslims. You should certainly be able to do so without fear of any sort of retaliation except, perhaps, criticism, if warranted, but it has always struck me as a counter-productive approach. Muslims should not be free from the rights of others to insult and mock them, any more than Christians should, but given the amount of anti-Muslim sentiment going around, you should expect to get the side-eye, at lest.

  5. Owen O'F

    We’ve made great progress in the last thirty years ridding ourselves of the worst effects of religion in public life. On our way to catching up with our European neighbours in striving for secular, Enlightenment values. And now it’s maddening to see regressive steps threatening to creep back in in the name of well-meaning tolerance, also aided by useful idiots wanking themselves into a frenzy ferreting out ‘racism!’ whenever this is brought up.

    This is a cultural issue, not a racial one. Anyone arguing by Selim’s skin colour clearly hasn’t two brain cells to knock together. It just happens to be a handy consequence of evolution and geography that culture and race tend to coincide. But they ain’t the same thing.

    And it shouldn’t be controversial to argue that a culture of secularism and equality is superior to belief systems formed in deserts one or two milennia ago, and ought not to be compromised in the name of not causing offence.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          No danger of that. “It just happens to be a handy consequence of evolution and geography that culture and race tend to coincide.” Better than porn.

          1. Dr Miles

            Quality, incisive insight there Moyest. This thread & your retorts are going to get you mega-upboats on your SJW tumblr.

            Tell us how you feel about Dr. Selim and his opinions, enlighten us instead of snarking at those who are brave enough to express theirs.

          2. Owen O'F

            You can have that for free to use in your Peace Studies assignment, you might get extra marks in your weekly lecture.

            Then again, that might take valuable time away from your neverending Broadsheet commenting duties fighting the good fight, so maybe not.

      1. ahjayzis

        Come on now Moisty – I’m as pinko commie liberal as the next person, but there’s not a lot to object to in that comment.

        Secularism benefits religious minorities like Muslims, Sikhs, Jedi and Sith as much as it does non-religious people. If I don’t react to Selim the way I would react to a Bishop preaching that Irish women aren’t sufficiently modest or that kids are playing in co-ed groups then I’m discriminating on the basis of religion.

        Sauce for the goose – I’ll oppose any attempt by anyone to procure a special place of respect for their ridiculous superstitions.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Sure, I don’t doubt you. I have no doubt your objections to him are honest and sincere and out of concern for other people. Others who will voice similar opinions to yours, however, have vast different motivations. When someone objects to the term ‘racist’ being used against a group like Identity Ireland, talks about “culture” and then says that race and culture tend to coincide, it’s a pretty safe bet that the person coming out with that stupidity is probably not as concerned for their fellow man as you are.

          1. Dr Miles

            Much like your question about “how do you know the horses belong to travellers” in the other thread – how can you make that “pretty safe bet” that they are not as concerned? Or does accuracy of presumption not apply to you?

            Any chance of an actual thought-out opinion from you on the topic of Dr Selim and his ilk? Do you want more of them in here promulgating their wishes for an Irish caliphate? Do tell. I’m sure you can use your words to form an opinion, rather than just reacting to others. If you’re finished your wank (as mentioned above), you can use both hands to type!

          2. ahjayzis

            Oh ID are a bunch of racist crackpot men with tiny peens, that’s fairly obvious.

            But my enemy’s enemy is not always my friend – I wouldn’t be caught dead near either ID or Selim, because I know radial Catholic regressives and radical Islamic regressives are both a danger to my life and liberty if they ever had power.

          3. Owen O'F

            I never said there isn’t a race angle to Identity Ireland Moyest, I was pointing out your tiresome use of ‘racism!’ to shut a debate down with your usual, tiresome undergraduate snark. If you’d noticed, I specifically said that bringing race into it is a sign of not having many brain cells.

            As regards, culture/race/geography – Christianity in Europe? Islam in the Middle East? Historically, generally white vs generally brown? Pointing out the obvious like that is ‘stupidity’? And you wonder why people get annoyed at your commenting style?

            Of course, I’m not ‘concerned for my fellow man’, so this is clearly of little value.

          4. ahjayzis

            Miles, come on.

            Anyone can promulgate most any ideas – but do you see the women of Ireland ever opening the gate to an ‘Irish Caliphate’? Have you no faith in your fellow countrymen, many of whom Muslims, who’d rather wash up on-shore in Wales than allow that to happen?

            It’s not illegal to have stupid ideas, even when you’re a ferrdinner.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “how can you make that “pretty safe bet” that they are not as concerned?”

            That’s actually answered in the first part of that sentence. “When someone objects to the term ‘racist’ being used against a group like Identity Ireland, talks about “culture” and then says that race and culture tend to coincide, it’s a pretty safe bet…”

            “Any chance of an actual thought-out opinion from you on the topic of Dr Selim and his ilk?”

            No, I’d rather not validate a bunch of slack jawed racists.

            “Do you want more of them in here promulgating their wishes for an Irish caliphate?”

            The chances of that actually happening reflect how I much I want it to happen. We should have a discussion about angry unicorns who’ve replaced their horns with knives embarking on a murderous rampage across the country. There’s about as much of a chance of that happening.

          6. Dr Miles

            Mustn’t have finished that wank so.

            You’ll need to be more consistent in your trolling Moyest. Perhaps if you shared your (no doubt highly qualified) opinions with us, we’d engage with less derision. As it stands now you’re just a weak repeater of third-hand SJW opinions.

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Oh ID are a bunch of racist crackpot men with tiny peens, that’s fairly obvious.

            But my enemy’s enemy is not always my friend”

            I think ID are a bigger threat to our society than the likes of Selim. He’s in the Islamic version of Iona with a lot less exposure. He’s just an angry social conservative. I don’t pay him any credibility. The ideas that espoused by racists like ID influence racists to do bad things to good people.

          8. ahjayzis

            Whenever gurning swivel-eyed idiots use SJW (which I keep having to urban dictionary because I don’t live on Stormfront and the like) I read it as SJP (because I used to live on Perez)

            Leave Sarah Jessica Parker out of this!

          9. MoyestWithExcitement

            “As it stands now you’re just a weak repeater of third-hand SJW opinions.”

            “SJW” Ah. So you’re just another one of those oppressed white Christian men. I bet you’re a Nice Guy as well. My condolences.

          10. Dr Miles

            Finally! An actual original(ish) thought from you. Further assertions that I’m white, male and/or Christian though, so marks docked there.

            We’ll have you up to 1st year Phil. debate level in no time, Moyest.

            Next week : The Hegelian Dialectic and addressing your opponents as “tards”.

            Thanks for playing!

          11. MoyestWithExcitement

            Bad idea. My towering intellect is intimidating enough for degenerates like Miles and his pals. If they saw my unfathomably photogenic visage, I might have them crying into their fedoras.

          12. rotide

            Not the first time I’ve seen you ‘accuse’ people of being white men.

            For someone so obsessed with racism you sure bring up the color of peoples skin a lot.

          13. MoyestWithExcitement

            You’re right. It’s only racists that are concerned with racism. I definitely haven’t heard that line trotted out by right wing bigots on Fox News about a thousand times.

          14. rotide

            That’s the thing thats always slightly irked me about the ‘white male’ card on here. It’s an Irish website, populated by mostly irish people., the vast majority of which are going to be white.

            We’re getting there mulicultuarlism-wise but compared to most places in even Europe, we’re still snowy white. The ‘white’ thing makes sense in the states where most of the SJW stuff you are reading originates, not really here.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Do you at least have a neck beard? I’d find it terribly unsettling if you didn’t.

  6. dylad

    I can see the shinners feeling threatened by a UKIP party, seeing as their voting base could easily switch to them.

      1. Dr Miles

        Not to mention the timeless style guidelines set down by the Shinners in the 70s. They got it right first time – no need for revision – Dunnes white shirt, black tie, black bomber jacket, (with traffic-cone orange lining), black polyester slacks & shiny shoes, topped off with mirrored aviators. Beret at rakish angle optional.

      2. nellyb

        You mean in the UK? Our FF are republican, but they still can’t figure out anything but feudalism.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    So many fundies demanding women stop inciting men and boys to gawk at or assault them. If it’s not the christian mentalists, it’s the Muslim mentalists. They should all worry about their impulse control issues, rather than projecting their shortcomings onto women.

  8. Shayna

    Ireland is apparently a Democracy, history regales about 1916. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but it’s 100 years hence – what really has changed? Dublin is still the Pale and anyone from beyond it, is, well, “Beyond The Pale”. Inclusive and secular aren’t what I see in Ireland. Devisive and exclusive among people and un-trusting of Government and Banks is what I see. It seems just like pre-1916, except it’s not the English who are calling the exact same shots – it’s us, the Irish. Radicalization spawned the Free State we are now living in. “One man’s Terrorist is another man’s Freedom-Fighter (I’m not overly fond of that quote – I’m a Pacifist). Nonetheless, radicalization of Muslims is a real issue. The Jihad is real, which I don’t believe any one country can contain, unlike 1916, a handful of Rebels at the GPO against the British Army. It may sound a tad wishy-washy, but perhaps the answer to radicalization of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Ireland is to show a little more respect to their heritage, just as we are afforded when we are spread globally. *ending rant…. now breathe..*

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