Bare Fleeced Contessa



Oriana Di Giminiani writes:

I realise you don’t normally do this but my bike was was stolen yesterday morning from the Balaly Luas Station, Rockfield Central, Dundrum [Co Dublin]  It’s a woman’s Contessa 46 Scott [2015], the colors are black, turquoise and white. 46mm, XXS and it was really new, I had just two days with my bike :(.


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13 thoughts on “Bare Fleeced Contessa

  1. TK ickle

    A bike that nice should only ever be under your bum, when not locked in the house. Sorry it was stolen but did you never notice the rough state of most of the bikes locked up around town etc?

    1. veritas

      And so it goes on,accept that you are wrong to have a good bike and that the thieves will Rob it anyway instead of rounding the scum up and give them a sentence that they will serve and that will send out a message which will be heard as far as the bikes are possibly being sent.

      1. Atticus

        You are of course right in what you’re saying but you have to be realistic too. A bike like that will always be targeted. Until we live in the utopian society that you describe it’s probably best to use some common sense.

        1. Rob_G

          + 1

          A bike locked up next to a Luas stop is a good indication to thieves that the owner probably won’t be back for 7-8 hours; unfortunately this is the society that we live in, so we need to take the necessary precautions.

  2. Formerly known as

    Should bike shops have an information sheet, that they give out with each new bike, telling the purchaser the reality of bicycle theft in Dublin? This might help the new owner avoid learning the hard way. I would recommend have a crap bike for parking at the station, a good bike for recreational riding, which is never left alone in public.

      1. Formerly known as

        Yes, that is true, or fewer people end up buying/replacing bikes, if they think they will be stolen.

  3. veritas

    It is sickening the way people will turn out in large numbers to protest against a tax for which we receive something in return
    ie water and sewerage services and will also accept that the scum of the earth can impose an arbitrary tax of 100 percent
    on those who spend their hard earned money on a decent bike.
    If we want to live in a decent society we must be prepared to get rid of those who would destroy our quality of life and Lea e us all afraid to leave our homes or to have anything worthwhile.You can rant as much as you like against the fatcats who live off us all but it is the human vermin who steal and destroy who do most to damage our peace of mind day to day.We must stop accepting that we must just put up with this theft and vandalism.
    rant mode off.

    1. BubbleSnots

      A bike is stolen and you get in a dig about water protests…
      How long before we blame Obama or Hitler???

      1. Formerly known as

        I think I saw a black dude, with a narrow moustache, riding it towards the US Embassy. There, not long.

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