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Collywobble writes:

“First daffs of the year? In Co. Meath.”


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C writes:

“In Donnybrook, Dublin 4, two weeks ago.”

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Googlepuns writes:

Spring has sprung at last in Arbour Hill [Dublin 7]….

They’re just weeds.

Thanks Amanda

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Jacks CottageDaffs at Jacks

This afgternoon.

Muireann O’ Neill writes:

My friend Bridie Brittain and gardener extraordinaire is delighted to see her garden coming to life. Incidentally, you’ll find these Daff at Jack’s Cottage, Aglish, Waterford…


You do know they are in facts weeds?

Mr P sez:

Leeson Street, Dublin, this afternoon


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Dublin, this morning.

Glenn writes:

Spring has sprung – daffodils on my balcony

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Kieran Ryan writes:

Beautiful spring morning in Dublin today, took this photo near Beach Road in Sandymount, looking towards Poolbeg.

Thanks Kieran

photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

Sheila Larkin writes:

My sister bought these in Brooklyn yesterday… fertile green fields. Should they have not been “lovingly” hand picked, no? Just me then ;)