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Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis in Citywest Hotel Dublin at the weekend

“Easter 1916 was a cold and passionate dawn, for a new Ireland. In 100 years we have built on the new day the Rising leaders gave us. We founded a new state, we declared a Republic, we joined the European Union. At long last, we put our children first and respected the Magdelene women. We made marriage equal. It is that sense of generosity, compassion, strength, and imagination that will be the making of us as a people, a nation.”

Enda Kenny speaking at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis at the weekend.

In response, Claire McGettrick, co-founder of the Justice For Magdalene Research project tweeted:

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In addition, readers may wish to recall a post from 2014, based on a BBC report about then 83-year-old Mary Merritt who spent 14 years in the High Park magdalene laundry in Drumcondra, Dublin.

It was reported that Ms Merritt told former Senator Martin McAleese – author of the McAleese Report into the magdalene laundries – about how, one day, she broke a window and ran away from the laundry. She went to a priest and begged for help. The priest raped her before giving her sixpence. The gardaí then brought her back to the laundry. Ms Merritt became pregnant as a result of the rape. Her daughter, Carmel, was taken by the nuns and put up for adoption. Ms Merritt didn’t see her daughter again for another 40 years.

Ms Merritt’s testimony of her rape was not included in the McAleese Report.

September 2015: Justice for Magdalenes Research Submissions to UN Human Rights Committee and Committee on the Elimnation of Discrimination Against Women (JFM)

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Read Enda Kenny’s speech in full here

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57 thoughts on “Respect?

  1. Eoin

    Well if Enda says that’s how it went down at the Ard Fheis, then that’s how it went down. No wonder people keep voting FG, with this kind of total fantasy being peddled to the members. Open yer eyes and take a look around you clowns!!! I can’t wait to see the back of this lying fool. He should be pulling up spuds for a living. Except he’d be fired for lying about how many he pulls of a day. You lie to yer boss you should be fired. But FG seem to be able to lie constantly to their boss, the Irish people. With no consequence. Back in power in a few years once everyone’s forgotten anyway so why bother trying to even be clever about the lies. Fingers crossed the Irish people aren’t dumb enough to let them back int power. God help us, that’d be a mandate for the lies, incompetence, corruption and outright fantasy from these parasites.

    1. Dav

      that’s the blushirt way, see how bawldy treated the HEP C sufferers, force them to go to court and hope they die.

  2. rotide

    Yep, the magdelene laundries were all his fault.

    He clearly did the worst job of trying to get redress for them compared to all the previous governments who made it their top priority

        1. LW

          I suppose the point here is that they didn’t claim to have “at long last…respected the magdalene women”. The fact that nobody else has done something is not a justification for this government not doing it. And it’s definitely not a justification for this government claiming they have dealt with the situation appropriately, when they didn’t

    1. Medium Sized C

      In fairness, that is an extremely stupid take on what is being said here.
      Really bloody stupid.

      The really simple point being made here is Fine Gael are claiming great credit for a report into the Magdalene laundries which is being roundedly rejected by the people who suffered in the Magdalene laundries.
      He is claiming political gain for respecting people who feel disrespected by the measure he is claiming credit for.

      Nobody is blaming them for the Magdalene Laundries, they are blaming them for the failures to address the victims in the McAleese report.

    2. Nigel

      Wow, who said the Magdalene’s were all his fault because you certainly told that person who said that thing and whose comment is apparently rendered invisible or maybe there’s something on my glasses, no where is it where is that comment that says the Magdalenes were all his fault help me, rotide, help me find that comment to which you are directly responding!

      Otherwise, I will note that doing something about which previous governments did nothing but which had reached some sort of critical point making a lack of action untenable and making an utter balls of it and then praising himself for it is a hallmark of Kenny’s time as Taoiseach.

        1. Nigel

          When was it ever tenable? FF were atrocious on this and on so many similar issues. FG very slowly leaped in to save the day with too little, too late. I don’t see why either crowd should be let off the hook.

  3. Truth in the News

    Kenny did not write this speech, but he was daft enough to deliver it, and
    include the reference to the Magdalene Laundries, he’d have done the
    survivors and the deceased to these institutions some justice if he highlighted
    what was ignored or left out of the McAleese Report.
    This Report needs a full review with the inclusion of all that has been left out.
    Why was the material left out in the first place, how many were interviewed,
    how many were ignored…..let the heavens fall let justice be done and seen
    to be done.

  4. poppy

    The EEC introduced a victims charta in November of which ireland signed. Ms Clare mc Gettrick should get a copy and prosecute this goverment at european level. Victims “promised” independent enquiries in ’80 still waiting in 2016. A disgrace. As for Joan Burton and FG forever spouting venom against Sinn Fein….
    Gerry Adams was CENTRAL to the good friday agreement and not once will this goverment give acknowledgement of this. As for Mr Kenny telling an elected td to “toddle along” to get figures as to how many paid water charges, the blocking of Catherine Murphy td on her dail questions on nama sales to Denis o Brien….all point to arrogance, lack of transparency,delay, deny , cover up.As clare Daly said ” we’re sick of ye”!

    1. Mayor Quimby

      >Gerry Adams was CENTRAL to the good friday agreement

      because he and his lads promised to stop killing people if they could get into Government?

      Do you expect thanks for respecting democratic norms?

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Gerry was also central to the release of paedos and rapists from one country into another and allowed them to run free here in the republic to continue their crimes. But hey, it’s not like they denied it, oh, yes, I forgot, they did, as late as last year Mary Lou screamed at cameras denying SFs part in kangaroo courts and the moving of sexual predators from one place to another and eventually to prey on 29* cases going through courts today….

      Wouldn’t happen a Bishop… oh wait, it has, and what did people call for when they heard that Bishops were protecting, and then denying protecting paedos and rapists, oh yeah, people called for the Bishops resignation.
      But if one calls for Mary Lou and Gerry’s resignation for the same thing… it’s ignored.

      A vote for SF is a vote for a return to the same type cover up after cover up that went on when the RCC was entwined in politics. Expect the same if SF get in…. they are consistent to form, I’ll give them that.

      A vote for SF is NOT a vote for change, it’s a vote to take the country backwards.

      (* – Michael Martin in The Dail)

      1. ahjayzis

        Heinrich Himmler was central to the surrender of Germany.

        He came into existence on that very day and had no dodgy history otherwise, like.

  5. pc guy

    he’s always saying what isnt. he’ll stare you direct in the eye and tell you black is white. its unreal, i cant deal with him at all.

    1. Nigel

      Zuppy, they don;t need to fix anything. Cynicism, disillusionment and lack of viable alternatives will do all the fixing for them.

      1. Zuppy International

        They’ll fix it anyway. They have to. Nobody will vote for them. Kenny can’t walk the streets, he can’t even hold the Blueshirt Ard Fheis in his own constituency. He gets booed at Croke Park FFS, by Mayo supporters! Their system is dying on it’s feet. Look at how they lie to us on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Even that Hobbit up the Park. Lies on top of lies. They’ll fix it because the gravy is too good and they know no other way.


        1. Nigel

          All they need to do is foster apathy. Low turnout’ll work in their favour, like with the Conservatives in the UK.

          1. Zuppy International

            Apathy is just one method within the larger fix. To paraphrase Stalin: It’s not who votes that matters, it’s who who counts the votes.

            They interfered with the Ballot to pass Lisbon II.
            They interfered with the Ballot to reject the Scottish Independence Referendum (twice: 1979, 2014).
            They interfered with the Ballot to return the UK conservatives last time around.

            They will do it again and again to deny the sovereign people their true voice and keep their criminal banking masters happy.


          2. Zuppy International

            I know I’ve hit a mark when rotide is rolled out to throw slurs at my character.


          3. rotide

            My blueshirted paymasters are starting to see you as a threat Zuppy, so i was pressed into immediate action.

        2. ahjayzis

          You live in a rarefied environment if you haven’t encountered the idiocy and short-sightedness of the moderately well-heeled w@nkers who intend to vote for ‘Stebilishy’

  6. Tish Mahorey

    “We made marriage equal”

    No, no you didn’t. The electorate did that. The people who went to the polling stations and voted in favour of it made marriage equal. And it was an inevitable piece of legislation which ANY government would have being putting through at this time. It is part of an international move in that direction so stop trying to claim credit for it. And indeed I would suggest a greater number of FG supporters would have been secretly opposed to it due to their ages old conservative middle class Catholic faith. More so than most other political parties in this state.

    1. classter

      They brought the referendum forward.

      It was not clear until well after they did so that a resounding victory would be achieved.

      Given the relatively conservative group which is the Irish electorate (a subset of the Irish people) and the FG base in particular, this was brave & deserves credit.

      That doesn’t necessarily outweigh Enda’s other flaws.

    2. rotide

      Again, no other government did it beforehands and there is absolutely ZERO guarentee a FF led government would have done it as they are even more like what you just characterised the FG hardcore as.

      It was a labour thing.

      But hey, bruton is a witch. burn her.

      1. Nigel

        All other things aside, ‘even if our half-arsed effort was a sickening farce FF DID NOTHING’ is INCREDIBLY defensive and resentful, which is what I expect more of from FG in the run-up to the election.

        1. rotide

          You’re right. Holding a succesful referendum on SSM was ‘half arsed’.

          Look, These guys certainly aren’t JFK or Churchill or Whoever your ideal govt is. Hang them for the many things that they really did fail on though, not EVERY POSSIBLY THING that could be theoretically traced to thier doorway.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            “You’re right. Holding a succesful referendum on SSM was ‘half arsed’.”

            He was talking about the Magdalene Laundries, not SSM.

            “Hang them for the many things that they really did fail on though, not EVERY POSSIBLY THING that could be theoretically traced to thier doorway.”

            You seem to defend them on pretty much everything though.

          2. Nigel

            I really would, in fact, prefer if we held all our politicians accountable for the various things they did and didn’t do. I’ll happily give them credit for SSM, actually. The right thing to do and feelgood moment of last year. they are not responsible for the Magdalene Laundries. FF failed the survivors on every possible level. FG did something, and mostly just highlighted how utterly heartless and clueless Irish officialdom can be to aging victims of a dreadful system. I’m tired of having to settle for stupid and ineffective over utter apathy.

      2. Fergus the magic postman

        Burton is a witch, under the unpleasant old woman definition. Can’t think of anything pleasant about her at all. She never answers any questions, she has no sense of duty, she looks upon the electorate with contempt, she whines, she moans, & she might as well be FG.

        And to repeat, it’s Burton. You must get the name right if you want your fanboy status to be taken seriously.

        1. rotide

          I’m sure she speaks very highly of you.

          You’re the ones that are obssessed with her, so I’ll leave the typo corrections to the AAA-crowd.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            I don’t actually believe you’re an idiot, so why do you try so hard to come across as one?
            I’m not a politician, she didn’t vote for me, & I don’t represent her, & I don’t owe her anything.
            I did vote for her party, & I do resent her, which is my responsibility. What she thinks of me doesn’t enter into it.

            Again, you get so caught up in being contrary (it’s like your trademark), you end up tripping over yourself & not really making any kind of worthwhile point at all. You’re better than this. Wake up/ Snap out of it. *Splashes water on Rotide, followed by two sharp slaps across the face*

      3. Clampers Outside!

        FF would not have done it.

        The fact all the FF minions in The Dail obeyed the party whip and did not campaign is proof of that – Averil Power in the Seanad being the only one I know to break out.

        Plse do correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Cup of tea anyone?

      Well if you take away all the scumbags it is going to be a case of who the feck is left to vote for.

        1. Sheikh Yabooti

          +1. Lucinda’s cabal is too much “I don’t like your game, I’m going over here to play it myself”…

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