Scoil Of Shame



Gaelscoil Bharra, Cabra, Dublin 7


Lewis Kenny writes:

GaelscoilBharra in Cabra has been taught out of freezing cold prefabs for the last 20 years. Many promises have been made in the past about funding for building an actual school but never happened. Last year funding was granted for work to begin this week.

Two days ago, the gaelscoil recieved a letter stating that funding was ‘under review’ and all funding has since been removed, a day before work was to commence. Complete shut out from [Dublin central TDs]  Joe Costello [Labour] and Pascal Donohoe {Fine Gaelon the matter


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16 thoughts on “Scoil Of Shame

  1. maccers

    Lovely. And Pascal was just trumpeting about this project, how he successfully got it underway, in his not-electioneering newsletter shoved through my door last week. Also Joe Costello.
    How much in penalties will have to be paid for cancelling the day before work is to commence? Never mind that yet another year goes by for those school kids.
    And politicians wonder why I feel so disengaged from politics.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Possibly because the election is coming so if they don’t get in, they don’t want the people who did to get the credit for it. I’d hope to think that it isn’t as petty as that but I wouldn’t be so sure.

  2. Ronan

    I was in a prefab for 4th class, back in ’90-’91 and it was heaven. The two prefabs were by a long way the warmest rooms in the school.

    1. ahjayzis

      hehe, gud 1 man, dats so troo shur wot wud gubrmnt hav 2 do wit captal expenditure hun, its mad i tel ye, no 1s fault xxxx hope u ok

      1. Frankenstein's lazy brother

        I understand the benefit of shortening words and using an abbreviated version, but what’s the benefit of substituting words contaning the same amount of letters as the actual spelling? What’s the benefit of using ‘troo’ instead of ‘true’, ‘shur’ for ‘sure’? I guess posters think it’s ‘cool’ (read: kule), but, TBH, it quite often makes the poster look ignorant and uneducated, instead of that erudite feel they’re trying to convey.

        1. ahjayzis

          I modulated my reply to match the OP’s frequency of vacuity, ignorance and utter inanity, glad to see it worked ;o)

  3. Dav

    I notice you have’t discussed the use of gas on the camp in Calais, you just go for me. It’s ok, the people can see you for what you are…

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