The Miserable Ones



This morning.

A new Banksy outside the French embassy in London – depicting the tear gassing of refugees at the so-called ‘Jungle’ in Calais – being covered up.

Banksy’s artwork included, for the first time, a QR code beneath it – allowing viewers to link to and watch an online video of a raid on the camp by police on January 5.

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Via Jon Scammell

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46 thoughts on “The Miserable Ones

          1. Dav

            you don’t like him pointing out the bigotry on display in Calis, you believe him & his art to be of a low intellectual capacity, no doubt because you like the thought of such people getting gassed.

          2. human

            Detective ‘Dav’ special needs SJW unit …. Do you wear a little gold badge when you go around exposing people?

          3. Dav

            I notice you have’t discussed the use of gas on the camp in Calais, you just go for me. It’s ok, the people can see you for what you are…

      1. Evil Tony

        Human robs lines off Blackadder and lets on they’re his. Ye wouldn’t catch Banksy up to that oul carry on

  1. han solo's carbonite dream

    banksy annoys me , his social commentary is all blame with no alternate solution.

    ok lets not tear gar calais….what is his solution to the plight of these “innocents”…

    just sit there and poke…

    1. Twunt

      Now that you have drawn attention to his hypocrisy you run the risk of being labeled a racist. If you dare to point out that many of these people have no verifiable identity and refuse to apply for asylum in France, you will be called a racist.

      The people that find this kind of art, or social commentary, clever are really quite naive, and have a very simplistic view of the world.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Nah, if he’s called a racist, it’ll be because he put the word ‘innocent’ in inverted commas.

    2. Nigel

      You mean a graffiti artist does not have a stencil ready that would simply and effectively express a workable solution to an international conflict that is embroiling four continents and driving hundreds of thousands into terrifying and dangerous journeys with uncertain destinations and which the entire international community is apparently deadlocked and unable to act effectively? You must feel very let down by that.

      1. human

        Banksy is not trying to explain the situation simply and effectively he is giving his left wing anarchist perspective that France is bad and evil and all people should be allowed go anywhere all the time in a boarderless stateless anarchist world ……

        1. Nigel

          No, he’s not trying to simply and effectively explain anything. He’s trying to provoke an emotional reaction that will make people think about the subject from a different perspective. Hey, maybe making people think about things from a different perspective IS a solution.

        2. Casey

          Wow! You got all that from one stencil? Banksy is mega-gifted!

          All I saw was a piece drawing attention to a terrible situation in order to provoke discussion.

  2. Donna Dent

    Is there another, safer way for the cops to deal with this? The police must act this way or perhaps Banksy can show us??

  3. Gers

    Banksy should go talk to the people of Calais living near the “Jungle” to see what their lives is like – Tear Gas is being nice. And lorry drivers too, go talk to them also. Goody two shoes Banksy unfortunately doesn’t see past his spray cans jets.

    1. human

      Yea considering its London its surprising…. Your not smart enough to use words like ‘core’ and ‘ethos’

  4. Owen

    Not trying to pick a fault, but how does anyone know a picture is a Banksey and not just another persons handy work?

    At this stage ‘he’ (probably more like ‘they’) is everywhere. Slight chance he is not doing them all single handed, or just being copied?

  5. Joxer

    i woulda crowbarred the panel off that wall and stuck it in boot of my car and then offer it for sale at Sothebys….. theres a few bob in that hoarding i tell ya….

    and ref Banksy…. the artists job is not to offer solution merely to highlight the issue itself…g’wan and discuss that now….

    1. human

      You just have to look at his art for what it is, not hold him up as some arbiter of ultimate truth like the left, students, stoners and anarchist do…..

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        But that’s not really what you’ve been doing above professor. It seems to me that you have been unable to say that you don’t like Banksy’s art without declaring your dislike of Leftist views, & possibly students & stoners, & anyone else who might like him.

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