10 thoughts on “Free Saturday?

  1. Farty McCarthy

    FX Buckley and Troy’s are the only decent things on Moore Street. As far as I know they won’t be knocked down so, meh.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Enda, yeah him, made a point yesterday that photos of the buildings around those already purchased for €4m – 14 to 17(?) – that this group want to save were taken of the buildings before the Rising…. and in these photos the additional buildings were falling down and in a state of collapse.
    Are these buildings to be restored to the slum state they were in or are these people looking to Disneyfy them? I think it is the latter.

    14 to 17 are saved, and I’m happy with that…. I’m out.

  3. Christopher

    Trying to be outraged but really don’t see the historical significance of these buildings and they lack all architectural interest. Look whats facing them, the whole street is an ugly mess.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      According to yer one yesterday the whole street is an historical site to be preserved.

      I’m starting a campaign to pave with gold every street JFKs car drove on when he was here.

  4. Benny

    Moore Street is a poohole, take a few pics knock it down. Preferably with these erigi fanatics inside

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