A Load Of Maloney



A newsletter from Independent TD Eamonn Maloney distributed in Dublin South West

Gavan Reilly reports on Today FM:

“It’s emerged that some Dáil ‘quotes’ appearing on a TD’s constituency newsletter were never actually said.”

“Independent TD Eamonn Maloney’s newsletter contains four quotes from Dáil debates – only two of which actually appear on the records of the house.”

“…When Today FM inquired with Deputy Maloney’s office about the other two quotes, a representative insisted – twice – that the comments presented the newsletter WERE spoken in the chamber.”

“The official also supplied Today FM with dates on which the other two comments had been delivered in the Dáil.”

“However, when the Dáil records were checked, they showed that not only had Maloney not delivered those comments on those dates, he had not in fact spoken in the house at all on either date.”


‘Dáil quotes’ in TD’s newsletter don’t exist (Today FM)

15 thoughts on “A Load Of Maloney

    1. Nessy

      He’s known in DSW for telling his constituents for years “vote for me and I’ll get you on the housing list…”
      He got their votes and was elected as a member of Labour. He recently realised all his constituents won’t be voting for him/Labour again and left and is now running as an independent in DSW.
      He’s pretty useless and has done next to nothing for the area and has been very silent until recently.

      It’s great when election fever takes hold, politicians magically find their voices again and are extremely vocal on everything….

  1. Gustavo Fring

    This guy is in my constituency (Dublin South-West) and along with the other candidates on offer it would make you cry!
    Here I am with a vote and nothing to do with it!

    1. DubLoony

      In that case, you need to work from the bottom up and decide who not to vote for, next worst, least worst ending at the top.

      Its a depressing way to go about it but needs must.

  2. Dav

    they were probably said in the jacks or the bar of the dail, both have equal relevance as the chamber itself

  3. Shayna

    Perhaps pillow talk to a fellow TD? You’re never “Off the Record” as you mutter sweet policies “nothings” into your partner’s ear.

  4. paul m

    He needs to get two pints and two cups of coffee guy to go on record. He definitely heard him say it when he was chatting to Enda in the pub on the phone.

  5. Kieran NYC

    And of course most of the ~20% who stubbornly say they’re going to vote for the Independent because mostly they can’t be bothered finding out the actual difference between parties will end up voting for gombeens like him.

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