Meanwhile, In Ballymun


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The new modular housing development for homeless families being built near IKEA in Ballymun, Dublin.

John Lawrence writes:

One builder I spoke to commented it would be at least another month before all 22 temporary homes, (costing €4.2m), are completed.

If this is true, it’s a long way from the December 21, 2015 “ready for occupation” date cited in a press release by Dublin City Council – notwithstanding a local row that halted development there for a few days.

It would also be interesting to know how will the Dublin Region Homeless Executive select which families live there, given there are many hundreds of homeless families now in the capital?


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35 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballymun

      1. Rob_G

        Really? I would that (though maybe if you didn’t factor in the opportunity cost of the land not being used for something else).

  1. ollie

    What about Alan Kelly’s masked men that didn’t exist?
    Interesting decision to give a contract to a builder who was responsible for building school’s that have serious fire defects.

  2. Jimmy Ireland

    Hurray, more poverty-stricken people being added to one of the most socio-economic diaster zones in the entire country. Because grouping large numbers of vulnerable and welfare-class people together never caused problems before.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      Well we can’t have the middle class professionals who make these decisions have to witness the consequences of their actions.

    2. DubLoony

      This is going to kill me, but you’re right.
      An area needs a good social mix of people to make it work in the long term.
      It takes about 30 years for an area to gel and develop a more balanced population of generations.

      There needs to be at least one strong granny added.

    3. Kieran NYC

      So how many millions should the government spend buying up land in Foxrock when they could be housing people elsewhere?

  3. Declan

    I thought they were delayed because of some protestors saying it was cheaper to build brick houses??? (Not quiet sure)

    You could also just ask the executive or put in a FOI request for the criteria rather than having a crappy drop the mike me moment.

    1. DubLoony

      Protesters were protesting that they had already put down deposit for their affordable homes and this development would affected house prices. Seriously.

  4. Cup of tea anyone?

    They should make these short term accommodation only. Maybe max a year, get a charity like dress for success involved and try to get these people working and back to being part of society, Then work at getting them into a rental accommodation somewhere. They should also make it mandatory that they take drug tests and or be taking part in rehab.
    Sticking a load of people in those houses and then forgetting about them would be almost as bad as leaving them on the street.

    1. ethereal_myst

      not all homeless people are unemployed, not all are junkies…..all cannot afford rentals in the private sector

    2. scottser

      as those housing units are homeless accommodation, there will be a visiting support going in there. as with all homeless accommodation there is a nominal allocation time of 6 months which constitutes a ‘deadline’ to move to secure housing.
      mandatory drug testing is illegal, and quite rightly so.
      be still, thy jerking knee.

      1. ollie

        “deadline’ to move “. Oh yes, like the prefab schools with a 5 year life span, still in use 20 years later.

        Blueshirt economics.

  5. budgie

    Wait a minute, houses are free these days!? The bank lied to me, they’re making me pay a mortgage!! What is the minister going to do about this….another outrage!!

    1. linbinius

      Honest question. Do people like yourself know you will be perceived as a glib goon when making such comments.? Do you think people will chuckle? Feel sorry for you? Always wondered.

      1. Paudi O'Shea

        Probably the best he/she can muster up while working flat out to pay for the mortgage and everything else.

  6. diddy

    Theres always going to be people eeking out a living on low or no wages. They will also have children at inopportune times. Build enough housing to accommodate them in order to free up the private housing for those who are doing better

  7. Shayna

    4.2 Million for 22 homes, you say? There are lots of Modular Building companies in Ireland who could knock up similarly spec’d housing on time – at a fraction of the budget. The average cost of a new-build, standard three bed house is @60,000 euro. 60,000 x 22 = 1.32 Million. Having looked at the “artist’s impression” – it looks like an under a Million job. @3 Million euro to buy the land? Oh – there appears to be a considerable discrepency.

  8. steve white

    I presume families with kids already in the local schools will be put in these, which is the reason they are not built elsewhere

  9. bobsyerauntie

    22 modular houses not even built on time.. and thousands of homeless families..

    This country is a joke..

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