33 thoughts on “Know Your Constituency

  1. Frilly Keane

    Ah hear
    Those odds
    Are odd

    Andrews, Ryan, O’Callaghan (pact with Andrews) and a 20 plus count marathon for the last seat.
    And Eucinda to go legal

    1. Medium Sized C

      Oh and water charges are water charges, but Kevin Humphries is still popular. Creighton, Murphy, An Shinner-Nua and a squeeze in from Humphries over Ryan.

  2. PeteS

    This is my constituency. Creighton would absolutely never get a vote from our house as she’s an insufferable pillock, not to mention just more right-wing Fine Gael. Fine Gael are right out too. Kate O’Connell has some policies I actually like, but her association with the party means she’ll be getting nothing. Fianna Fail, HA. No chance. Social Democrats will be getting our vote, with possibly a second preference to Eamon Ryan, for merely not being the other parties. And in fairness to the Greens, and the SocDems, they’re the only ones who have so far bothered to call to the door and engaged well.

    1. Jay

      This is pretty much exactly the same story for me except Ryan is being my first pref I think .

      No canvassers yet. Though I haven’t seen one in either of the last two elections. I must be on some type of canvasser blacklist.

      1. PeteS

        I did see Kevin Humphereys preparing to canvas the other evening in Rathgar. He looked fupping miserable.

  3. Wha'

    More interesting to note than that he is Miriam’s brother, Jim O’Callaghan, FF, is a barrister who represented Sierra (of water meters fame)… Not only that, he also represented Patricia Casey (the, ahem, very talented psychiatrist with ties to anti-choice groups) in her defamation case against the Irish Times for comments written under an article about her by Breda O’Brien. I would rather throw myself into the Liffey than vote for him, especially considering the company he keeps!

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Thanks Mick, I feel learned now, about the politics like. Lessons with humour are the besht.

    Now, do ‘Dublin South central’ or I’ll send O’Snodaigh over with Garda uniforms in the boot and a few printer cartridges! You know how he likes them cartridges!

  5. rotide

    Well I never, today I learned my voting area is called Dublin Bay South all of a sudden. Not happy with that, sounds far too northside.

    Anyway, I’ll vote pretty much the same as i did last year, depending on what Indepenants are there.

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