You Take The High Road



They’ll take the Lowry.

And he’ll be in Leinster House afore ye.

Members of ‘Team Lowry’ with their colourful poll topping Independent TD Michael Lowry (second right) canvassing in Tipperary North at the weekend.

He fixed that road.

Via Michael Lowry (Facebook)

40 thoughts on “You Take The High Road

  1. Conor

    And they wonder why us youngin’s don’t hang round Tipp for too long! I’d say 75% of the neighbours continue to be Lowry voters, the mind seriously boggles.

    1. Seanus Maximus

      not this time from what I’ve read. still, parish pump way is dangerous and a crap political system.

    1. ahyeah

      Don’t know why you edited my comment, Broadsheet ( I don’t use the word “person”). The word I used to describe Lowry has been used by Leo Varadkar amongst others.

  2. Bazza

    Why are those quilted type jackets mainly worn by twits? Usually accompanied by a neatly folded scarf and expertly gelled conservative hairstyles.

    1. Kieran NYC

      It’s all just a big conspiracy by those fuppers in Dublin who are just out to get him*

      *Not far off what people actually believe

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      He fixed de road. (possibly)

      He got me me medical card. (Never EVER true. Political representation has no bearing on your application.)

  3. rotide

    Isn’t there multiple anecdotal evidence to suggest that people keep voting for him ‘to sick it to those jackeens in dublin’

  4. The Clack

    I had some auld fella in a pub in Tipperary swing a punch at me after he heard me call Lowry a gangster, they love him down there!!

      1. Nigel

        But isn’t that who you need to get anything done with that shower of gangsters in the Dail? Seriously. Consider for a moment that there might be a large amount of pragmatism, however misguided in their vote, along with a sense of loyalty and defiance. You’ll keep getting Lowrys for as long as there’s a system that makes them the best type to get anything done.

    1. scottser

      Gangsta, Gangsta! That’s what they’re yellin
      “It’s not about a salary, it’s all about reality”

  5. Fergus the magic postman

    I’m sure there are plenty of silly people who see the fact that he is not in prison as evidence enough that he did nothing wrong.

  6. Continuity Jay-Z

    I love the breathless screaming of online commentators (not here, of course) who obsess over Labour ‘getting theirs’ or better; Enda Kenny ‘getting his’. You only have to see the age profile of these canvassers to see that it’s not all rural oul fellas ‘sticking it to the Jackeens’. It would be a fair assumption to say most of that group belong to an era where affordable 3rd level education was available to all and perhaps some, if not all of them, were fortunate enough to avail of it.

    Ireland is in bother and it’s not a bother that emanates from our political masters but from the flutes who consistently put them there.

  7. inPisces

    The stupidity and banality of comments in the thread here is reflective of the general sense of mental deformity in the nation

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      That coming from someone who’s been filling up BS comments section with childish sexist comments purely for some kind of reaction (trolling if you like) since the very beginning of his very first BS account.

      1. inPisces

        Whatever. And, to underline my point , when I state the obvious I even have my own online stalker.

  8. poppy

    The mp in the uk that got his wife to falsely take his driving penalty points got locked up .So did she for perverting justice. And we have this proven liar strutting about after being labelled corrupt. Where transparency and accountability Enda Kenny? The buck stops at his desk. Introduce legislation and boot him out. Problem solved.

    1. classter

      Let’s not be using the UK as some sort of example for probity. Huhne was stupid enough to cheat on his wife & dump her soon after having her take penalty points. She, for her part, was vindictive enough (and stupid enough) to testify to send him and herself to jail.

      Lowry would never be quite so idiotic, even if deep down, I think what he has done is far, far worse.

    1. Frilly Keane

      A well known gentleman’s outfitter told me that Lowry is one’a the best dressed men in Leinster House

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