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  1. Clampers Outside!

    BBC NI had a lovely wee spotlight programme on SF and aul Slab Murphy, and the SF connections to its’ old guard and its continuing placement of party before the people.

    As Conway, ex-IRA intelligence director said in the programme…. the 25 years of troubles were a waste of time and life because the Good Friday Agreement is basically the terms the British were offering all along.

    The Troubles… more trouble than they were worth.

    1. Charles

      Hi There

      I see you have, yet again, put your thoughts out there for all to see.

      I suppose you have citations or sources to substantiate the claims you have made?

          1. Charles

            Exactly, have you not been keeping up with the revelation from Westminster, or rather Thames House over the last couple of months?

  2. poppy

    Its grand to rake up dirt on Sinn Fein but FF Charlie and Blaney brought in arms to assist the IRA and got reelected . As for FG we have Flynn in Mayo pocketing 50 grand from Tom Kilmartin and no prosecution nor did CAB seize the farm Flynn purchased. Pot kettle black.The sheer determination of Sinn Fein to rid the bomb and bullet , after carnage in ireland and the uk is no mean feat. I personally would give this man a vote….!

    1. brownbull

      there is a big difference between white collar corruption and a gang of men breaking every bone in in a young man’s body with iron bars, beating him to death, because he got into a fist fight in a pub, also while I wouldn’t put it past them I don’t think Fianna Fail are putting P Flynn out front and central in sequins for a fundraiser

    2. Clampers Outside!

      “to rid the bomb and bullet”…. but have a deal with the UK govt to go soft on the criminality of the likes of Slab (BBC Spotlight last night)

      Whatever dude… whatever….

  3. Nice Anne {Dammit}

    The sheer determination of Sinn Fein to rid the bomb and bullet , after carnage in ireland and the uk is no mean feat
    ………… No, I have nothing. Words have actually failed me. Well done, you can have the internet today.

  4. Rob_G

    If you only followed politics in the Republic, you might be convinced that Sinn Féin were a run-of-the-mill leftist-populist party, nothing too nefarious.

    But, if you look to the north, you have Sean Hughes as some sort of a grotesque figure of fun, and a convicted child-murderer campaigning on behalf of one of their candidates in the European elections.

    So, if you really want to give the Govt a black-eye in the upcoming election and are thinking of voting SF, think about the people that the party associates itself with, and then go and vote AAA/PBP, Socialist… anyone but Sinn Féin.

    1. Steve

      Oh my – word predictor.


      But I suppose you could argue that SF did protest , in their old little way, against bringing rapists to justice in either jurisdiction.

  5. Truth in the News

    Will there be editorials in the press telling us not to vote for the rebels
    like the ones in the Irish Independent in May 1916 demanding that all
    the 1916 leaders be executed, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and indeed Labour
    have their roots based on armed struggle, indeed if they did not preuccupy
    them selves with the trappings of power, there would not be a Sinn Fein.
    Sinn Fein has evolved from the failure to tackle the issue of partition and
    discrimination from day one….and the past has now come back to haunt
    them in above all years 2016

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