Satire On Sunday



Paddy Cullivan

Free Sunday?

At 3pm?

Cullivan’s Travels.

In the Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Paddy Cullivan, writer and performer on RTÉ’s Callan’s Kicks and leader of The Camembert Quartet, The Late Late Show‘s house band, and special guests look back at Irish satire through the years.

‘Cullivan’s Travels’ will journey from Hall’s Pictorial Weekly to Scrap Saturday, Callan’s Kicks to Bull Island, Pictorial Weekly to The Savage Eye, and include both chat and performance.

Paddy is joined by Tara Flynn, John Moynes (‘sheet ricksmith), comedian John Colleary (Pictorial Weekly) and Sean Hardie, ex-BBC producer/director and writer TV comedy and satire (Not The 9 O’Clock News, Spitting Image, Bremner Bird and Fortune).

Tickets: €5

Cullivan’s Travels, (Project Arts Centre)

15 thoughts on “Satire On Sunday

  1. The Old Boy

    Isn’t he that chap who wrote a couple of slightly condescending articles in the Irish Times about how great it is to be teetotal, sitting in a pub drinking alcohol-free beer and passing remark on the poor unfortunate revelers around him while the light slowly went from his eyes?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Paddy’s a talented bloke. Worked in a pub with him in Galway in the early 90s. He made far much more money a couple of hours a day busking, strumming the guitar and singing in the window of passing cars. Traffic drove down the road by McDonagh’s / Tig Neachtains back then… at less than walking pace.

    Always makes me laugh to recall him serenading money out of tourists, foreign and local, great performer then :)

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