13 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. Marian

      I found the innocent boy washed up on a beach far more disturbing. SJWs find that “photogenic”. Photos of dead gang land alpha male aggressive types who like boxing, guns, hot girls and cars is ” gutter journalism”.

      Irish journalism is in the gutter you say. I agree. But at least there’s a certain honesty to the Sun. I find middle class journalistic moralism to be the very worst. Add corporate interests and political arm twisting into the mix and you get the Irish Times, no less. Who cares what Trinity/UCD graduates who’ve never worked a day in their lives have to say about the state of the country?

      1. Shayna

        The TrinityUCD graduates who’ve never worked a day in their lives are as entitled to a voice – as are you. I agree the’ Sun’ pic is distasteful, however, murder is never pretty.

    1. Jackdaw

      Shh this is broadsheet. They don’t like that talk here. They prefer to try and get Gardai sacked here.

  1. Malta

    Clicking on one of the papers to see an enlarged view often looks to the wrong paper, but this morning the Telegraph links to the Northside People – that takes the biscuit.

    1. Frilly Keane

      The Guardian readers were sent The SouthSide

      ( there’s a gag there somewhere, too hungover to manage it meself)

  2. Frilly Keane

    Like it or not

    But there’s few Newspapers around the world that could trap a front pager like the Indo just did

    It had ta’be said

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