Trek Of My Tears



Shay Ryan writes:

My bike (above) was stolen from the hallway of my flat on Ranelagh Road [Ranelagh, Dublin 6] on Thursday night – Friday morning…It’s a new Trek 7.1 dark blue model. I would be grateful of any help in retrieving my bike.

15 thoughts on “Trek Of My Tears

  1. ahyeah

    A friend of mine from a madrid laughed at me for bringing my bike inside my house – couldn’t believe it could possibly be necessary.

    Seems it’s not even enough to bring a bicycle inside.

    1. i hunt bags for sport

      Sorry to hear that but shouldn’t leave in hallway. Who knows who could get in or be around.

  2. Anomanomanom

    Im sorry to say but best advice. Mourn the loss and get over it. From experience nobody cares about bike theft, the garda are worse than useless when it comes to this.

    1. Pedeyw

      Good. Given the choice I’d rather side with a “warrior for social justice” than someone who uses the term “warrior for social justice”, who are almost universally morons.

  3. Anne

    That’s what you get for leaving in the hallway… you should have brought you bike into bed with ya and held onto it tightly all night.

  4. Anne

    Just messin’.. some junkie would probably pry it from your arms in your bed.

    Very annoying. you’d be better off with a hape a sh*te that no one would rob on ya.

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