35 thoughts on “Zinging Ming

        1. Mister Mister

          But he didn’t turn up here either, win/win.

          Would you rather him sniggering down the back with his buddies Clare and Mick?

          1. Rob_G

            He could have sent a substitute, as is permitted under the EP rules. Instead, he decided to leave the people of Midlands North West without a voice at the EP for several months.

            I was very sorry to hear that his wife was unwell; however, that does not remove the obligations on Ming as a public representative. Substitute, resign his seat, hire a nurse for when he was in Brussels… instead Ming decided to draw his salary without doing any of the actual work of a parliamentarian.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            “instead Ming decided to draw his salary without doing any of the actual work of a parliamentarian.”

            Ok, so if your wife or child gets sick and needs help, you are obliged to quit your job. I see.

          3. Rob_G


            If your job is as important as an MEP, and the illness was serious enough that you couldn’t go to work for several months – yes, you should seriously consider it.

            How many votes that could impact on people in Midlands North West took place in the parliament during this time, I wonder.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            “If your job is as important as an MEP”

            So we have a new qualifier then. If your job is ‘important’. I mean, maybe if you were the only doctor in a small hospital or something but MEP?!?!? Nah, your stance here stinks of confirmation bias type reasoning. I can get mixed up with people’s names here but iirc, you’re a Labour supporter, or you’re a follower of *some* party anyway. Point being, I’m guessing you don’t like Ming for ideological/partisan reasons so you’ll take any opportunity to criticise him and then come up with a convoluted justification for the criticism *afterwards*, such as ‘when your job is as important as an MEP’.

          5. Rob_G


            I disagree with Ming’s politics, but that wasn’t really the point: by not either attending parliament, or sending a substitute in his place, Ming left his constituency without a say on votes that could affect them.

            If a TD from my constituency was too unwell, or prevented through some other circumstance from attending to their duties, they would of course have my sympathies, but I would expect them to resign.

          6. LW

            @Rob_G What constituency is that? I expect your expectations would be frustrated, based on attendance rates in the Dáil

        2. han solo's carbonite dream

          mister mister , my comment was directed at Rob G

          I 100% agree with Moyes…
          lashing a fella for looking after his sick wife is low.

          BTW ming did his work from home in his office.
          Admittedly he didn’t show up to vote but the rest of his work (they do more than just show up , you know??)

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Pure big bucks lobby loving bureaucrat disses assumed to be “uncouth” badly dressed and spot on small country MEP who refuses to play it “corporate”!

    We see this at home in fairness! Good spot though :)

  2. han solo's carbonite dream

    ming slagged off for not playing the neo-con big business game.

    we need more like ming , challenging our “betters” not like the yes men of FG liek Sean Kelly.
    Sellling ireland down the Suwannee showers of B@stardoes.

  3. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Yer man saying “Jesus’ is the ignorant one here. It’s classic ganging up on your opponent to make them seem ridiculous or a bit crazy and then it gets a chuckle from the next speaker.

    It’s disrespectful because he’s saying “Jesus” to the constituents of the MEP.

  4. Gaoithe

    Don’t talk about the gwubby wefugees. Where’s my silk scente kerchief? Hand it to me, Jeeves.

  5. Termagant

    To be fair I doubt there’s a man jack among who hasn’t been called to take the lord’s name in vain by a Ming diatribe at some point.

  6. John M

    Ming was spot-on – and the ‘president’ if that’s the prick that cut him off, needs a slap. There again, he’s German, so that’s to be expected.

  7. Mary Ryan

    Ming is out there now with his fine big salary and no constituents to bother him. Also, he arranged his best buddy, Diarmuid O’Flynn to get a nice little job out there – that’s called cronyism. He condemned that kind of carry-on but the first chance he got – that’s called hypocrisy. He has no respect for the law or the environment.

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