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Luke Ming Flanagan MEP

This afternoon.

Further to a late night tweet from his account mentioning a newspaper photograph of former Green Party candidate Saoirse McHugh skinny dipping….

Luke Ming Flanagan MEP writes:

The Directorate-General for Security and Safety of the European Parliament (DG SAFE) are assisting me with a police investigation into the unauthorised use of my Twitter account which took place from a location in Belgium.

A Parliamentary assistant of mine along with an appointed investigator from DG SAFE met with the Belgian Police on Wednesday morning.

I have now established that my Twitter account had been logged into on a third party app called Tweetcaster.

This app allowed an individual to tweet from my account using an old password. This app was used twice to access my Twitter account from Belgium on September 28. The same day that an unauthorised tweet was posted and then deleted from my account.

At the time the tweet was posted and then deleted I was in Ireland and have been since March of this year due to Covid 19 restrictions.

The police have been provided with the Belgian IP address associated with the use of my account on the Tweetcaster app on that day. They are now working with me to establish the exact location and identity of the individual who has carried out this malicious act of vandalism on my good name.

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Anon writes:

Ming attended a European Parliament Agriculture committee meeting this morning with no trousers and possibly someone in the bed behind him…

And why not?


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From top; Mario Blokken, head of Finabel, has said he has met representatives of the Irish Defence Forces

Via the office Luke Ming Flanagan MEP:

‘Meetings have taken placed between a member of the Defence Forces and Finabel, the European Interoperability Centre, according to documents releasedu nder Freedom of Information.

Emails outline preparations for a meeting on Monday 17th September 2018 at the office of the Irish Permanent Representative in Brussels, between Mr Mario Blokken, Finabel Permanent Secretariat, and the MILREP (Military Representative) of the Defence Forces.

More documents show that on the 22nd November 2018, the Irish Military Representative attended the Finabel “Annual Address to the European Military Representatives”, where representatives from the 22 countries were also in attendance.

Speaking to Mr. Flanagan’s office by phone, Mr Mario Blokken confirmed that meetings had taken place with a member of the Irish Defence Forces.

He went on to say the meeting went “well” and that he expected Defence Forces Ireland to apply first for observer status, and later for full membership of Finabel.

A separate Freedom of Information request revealed that Ireland is participating in ten PESCO projects and that the Department of Defence considers that Irish participation in EU military projects such as EU Battlegroups “contributes to our overall credibility in the Union”.

Founded in 1953, Finabel describes itself as “an informal international de facto association” initially focussing on cooperation between armament programmes, but now involved in “the harmonisation of army doctrines”. 22 member states of the EU are currently members of Finabel.

Previously Ireland had only stated its involvement in two PESCO projects, and no further update had been given.’

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Luke Ming Flanagan said:

“The Taoiseach and Minister for Defence Leo Varadkar needs to tell us why it is in Ireland’s interest to turn away from our traditional position of military neutrality and voluntarily involve ourselves in this growing imperial project. Even our newly elected President, Michael D Higgins has said that the government has not done enough to explain this decision.”

Luke Ming Flanagan

Free Thursday?

A public meeting entitled ‘Are We Heading Towards an EU Army?’ will be held in the ILAS Theatre in Galway on at 7pm.

Next week, 23 EU member states, including Ireland, will put forward a notification to launch the military project Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

During the Presidential campaign, Michael D Higgins said he was worried about Irish neutrality and that the government had a duty to explain why it made the decision to sign up to PESCO.

Hosted by Luke Ming Flanagan, MEP for Midlands Northwest, Thursday’s meeting will explore the issues of Irish neutrality, Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) & EU militarisation.

Speakers confirmed for the meeting include Clare Daly TD; Mick Wallace TD; Catherine Connolly TD; Thomas Pringle TD; Dr Karen Devine, Lecturer in International Relations & EU politics, Dublin City University; Roger Cole, Chairman of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance; and Claudia Hyadt, Campaigner on military policy and member of German Die Linke party.


Luke Ming Flanagan (Facebook)

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MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, along with his parliamentary assistant Diarmuid O’Flynn – who appeared before the Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and Taoiseach in June –  reminds people of the Anglo Irish Bank promissory note deal.

In June, Mr O’Flynn, of the newly titled Ballyhea Says Know group, told the committee that Ireland’s Central Bank took out of circulation €500million in 2014; €2billion in 2015, €3billion in 2016; €4billion in 2017; and, as of June this year, €1billion.

Mr Flanagan, in the clip above, calls on members of the public to ask their local TDs, regardless of party, to stop this practice.

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A video from Luke Ming Flanagan MEP neatly outlining the threats posed by the EU toward sites like Broadsheet and the internet as we know it.

Our future is at stake.

Call your MEP NOW!

Luke Ming Flanagan

Thanks Dermot Bohan

Saturday night.

The Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey, County Donegal

Luke Ming Flanagan came to see musical Robin B’Stard & The Water Thieves, featuring a character ‘Turfcutter Ming’  (Nigel Hegarty in pic 2 with Ming)…and  squeezed in a convincing bong-hitting cameo in the final song (above).

Conor Malone writes:

Robin B’Stard & The Water Thieves is a musical comedy lampooning the water charges. Ming was one of several politicians portrayed on stage with King Enda, his henchmen Leo and Simon and secret cabinet colleague Michael Martin pitted against an alliance containing Scarecrow Mick, Turfcutter Ming and the ancient wizard Michael D among others in the battle for the village water supply…. Ming, who dashed to Ballybofey from a Referendum count in Roscommon, evidently enjoyed the show immensely.

In fairness.

Robin B’Stard And The Water Thieves

Luke Ming Flanagan (left) and Gino Kenny flank Vera Twomey at Dublin Airport in April, 2017 after Vera obtained medicinal cannabis for her daughter Ava in Barcelona, Spain.

Luke ‘Ming Flanagan MEP writes:

Vera Twomey has fought a well documented battle to gain access to a life changing cannabinoid based medicine for her daughter Ava Barry.

She now faces another battle in order for her daughter to continue using this same medicine.

The reason. The HSE are refusing to fund it under the Long Term illness Scheme.

Not because of medical reasons but purely for bureaucratic reasons.

Furthermore the HSE are now trying to force Ava Barry’s family to use another product sourced in the Czech Republic which does not have the support of either of the two consultants working with the child.

Worse still is the fact that the family would not get the equivalent medical support in the Czech Republic that they are currently receiving in The Hague.

The HSE are telling us that ‘Market Authorisation’ is the reason for this issue now arising. They say that due to this they cannot fund the medicine under the Long Term Illness scheme.

However it is clear to anyone that if the state wished to fund the medicine under another mechanism then they could. We are talking about €1600 per month. A drop in the ocean of HSE funds.

Vera Twomey and her family have climbed a mountain in order to get access to a medicine which has improved their daughters life above and beyond all expectations.

Having climbed this mountain it would be farcical and potentially tragic if all this progress was halted because a government bean counter couldn’t work out how to get few extra beans out of the jar.

Luke ‘Ming Flanagan MEP

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