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    1. Vote Rep #1

      Depends on who it is being brought against. The SF idea that jurors can go into Witness Protection is even greater nonsense. Who the hell would want to be a juror? I guess that would their point though.

    2. RiderOnTheStorm

      And I can smell a lie a mile away…It’s a gift I developed when I wasn’t in the IRA

      Not another cartoon about Gerry’s Porkies
      He keeps peddling his NONSENSE, I’ll keep peddling mine.

      – Quoting from Martyn Turner’s great cartoon in Saturday’s IT

    3. Rob_G

      In certain circumstances it can be appropriate; if the person being tried has a track record in intimidating witnesses, for example…

  1. Steve

    Just shows how far gerry’s head is up his a@&e….with all other life’s worries does he actually think the average voter prioritises changing the format of the SCC so as to basically gut it and help his pals escape conviction??

    The SCC – the bane of Sinn Fein/IRA since 1939….

  2. poppy

    I read yesterday that the cctv in the hotel was disabled with code changed but the owner got a technican out to repair before this gangland shooting. I suspect if uniform unarmed garda had arrived on their escape that we could have been dealing with murdered unarmed officers. Killinascutty isnt a patch on this when the hotel owner dialled police on 999 three times to no reply and then phoned a”personal friend” in an garda to report bullets were flying. You couldnt make it up…..!!!!!!

  3. Steve

    Memo to FG/labour campaign offices: you should be hammering the bast€@d on this statement.

    Every press confrerence /Q&A from government ministers today should start off with “before I discuss that point I would like to bring up how shocked I am at Gerry Adams comments about the special criminal court…a court that has shown it’s effectiveness in bringing Ireland’s biggest criminals to justice, including the killers of Veronica guerin and yet Gerry Adams wants to talk about how to neuter it so his friends like slab murphy can walk away from justice etc etc”.

    Hammer him. Make the next 3 days of election campaign all about Adams wanting criminals to avoid justice.

    1. poppy

      I agree with you but question the timing of the sentencing of Slab bang in the middle of a general election.Amnesty etc have condemned special court but they dont live here. Maybe we should bring their office to no go area where young Quinn was lured to a barn and every bone in his body was broken by 10 cowardly, vicious, evil , baraclava ira thugs. Maybe then they will stop preaching to us.

  4. ollie

    Offences that can be tried in special criminal court include illegal possession of firearms, to importing seditious foreign newspapers, to threatening to damage property. This legislation is in place since 1939, it can’t be fit for purpose and if hasn’t done anything to prevent the rise of serious crime in this County.
    There’s also a very strong possibility that any conviction brought by this court will be overturned by the European Court of Justice, therefore reform is needed, whether you like it or not. And no, I’m not a Sinn Fein supported, never voted for them and never will.
    By the way Steve, no one was convicted for the murder of Veronica Guerin,

    1. Steve



      I’m wary of your….Gerry is right…”reform” is needed….but let me tell you I’ve never and never will vote SF.

      Strange that SF are running at around 18% but there doesn’t seem to be one single SF voter on broadsheet (which wouldn’t be considered a bastion of FG /lab supporters)… who will openly admit it.

      1. Tish Mahorey

        I’m voting Sinn Fein. So are many of my fellow so called middle class professional friends from the nice parts of Dublin.

        Most SF voters are coy about telling others though.

        Not all professionals support Fine Gael who are divisive, sneering, cynical lying scum.

        1. Owen

          I’m not for FG by a long shot…. but being for SF and saying any other party is “divisive, sneering, cynical lying scum” is beyond hypocritical.

        2. Rob_G

          I’m surprised that you have an objection to voting for Fine Gael (who aren’t perfect, Lord knows), but don’t have an objection to voting Sinn Féin.

          Say what you like about FG, but at least none of their election candidates had to be reminded that murdering Gardaí is unequivocally wrong.

  5. Tish Mahorey

    His point (as the Indo rag well knows) is that the use of the term ‘Gangland’ only serves to exonerate the media and the cops from properly investigating and exposing that criminal scourge on society which middle class people think doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t reach into the leafy suburbs and ruin their weekend brunches and walks on the pier.

    Of the course Sheahan’s Army try to turn it into something else because they don’t want Sinn Fein in Government.

    1. Steve

      Plonk!! We have a SF supporter!!!Good for you for admitting it. We need more Broadsheet commenters to come out of the closet. Don’t be afraid!!

      And I’ll agree with ye there, people from the nice parts of dublin and cork are voting SF…why else are they running at 18%.

      But seriously…chip/shoulder/much??

        1. Kieran NYC

          And is perfectly fine with harassing election canvassers and ‘frog-marching’ them out of her estate.

          Should have recognised the SF tactics sooner..

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