You May Like This: Bantum & Loah



Batnum & Loah – Take it

What you may need to know

1. Bantum, aka Ruairí Lynch, is an exiled Corkman living and producing in Dubland. His 2013 magnum opus ‘Legion‘ is among the best Irish electronic/pop records committed to wax in recent years. A consistent releaser of singles/EPs with unreleased B-side material, too, a rarity in this day and age.

Loah, an Irish/Sierra Leonean vocalist tipped for big things by Irish music blogs like Goldenplec and The Thin Air, puts in an absolutely breathtaking vocal, layered with beautiful harmonies. We’re eagerly awaiting her debut EP this year.

3. This stunning video was directed by Peter O’Brien, produced by Motherland, and features dancer Laura Sarah Dowdall. No lighting was used bar the street light seen here.

True to form, the digital download and Spotify stream comes with a stripped-down ‘blues mix’ as a b-side/bonus track.

5. Bantum used to live with Keith from Limerick two-piece giveamanakick, which is class when you think about it.

A major step forward for two of Ireland’s most talented artists.

Bantum & Loah,

3 thoughts on “You May Like This: Bantum & Loah

  1. Gers

    I see everyone is going with the single dancing lady of late. How original. Not.

    Not a bad tune on the plus side!

  2. Eoin Drinan

    Has the feels of Forest Swords “Thor’s Stone” video.Vocals are great as well.More of this please!

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