Grainne Faller at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics writes:

 Researchers from the Insight Centre for Data Analytics have been crunching the Twitter numbers as part of their Insight4Elections data analysis project and they found that Stephen Donnelly, co-leader of the Social Democrats gained a remarkable 1,457 Twitter followers last night, about two thirds more than his closest rival Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit who gained 555.

The deputy leaders’ debate on TV3 inspired less activity overall, but Mary Lou McDonald gained three times as many followers as her closest rival, Labour Deputy Leader Alan Kelly.


Insight4Elections is a publicly available web tool where users can “crunch the numbers” for themselves here

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39 thoughts on “#Steo

  1. Clampers Outside!

    “crunching the numbers” = We looked at them last night, and then looked at them this morning?

    Now, if we could see who started from a small base of numbers/followers and who had a large base and was more likely to only grow a small bit. And then who did by what percentage etc…. etc…. then maybe, that would be called “crunching the numbers”, in all fairness.

    A handy site all the same, thanks.

  2. bisted

    …the final remark on the TV3 debate was from Mary Lou:
    ‘TweedleDum and TweedleDee
    from Mick Clifford and TV3’
    – I’m sure she thought they were off-air.

  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    People who would be naturally inclined towards FG, FF and Lab probably wouldn’t be big Twitter users where as studenty types, people who very much do use Twitter, would be more attracted to SDs and PBP. I’m not sure this is telling us very much.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      True… but I’d take some heart in that it may appear that younger voters are engaging more with the likes of the SocDems which in the long term or long game is a good thing, I believe.

    2. Jimmy 2 tones

      No it’s probably because Stephen Donnelly did not come across as a spineless corrupt politician.

    3. Anne

      “People who would be naturally inclined towards FG, FF and Lab probably wouldn’t be big Twitter users where as studenty types, people who very much do use Twitter, would be more attracted to SDs and PBP. I’m not sure this is telling us very much.”

      Yeah, I’d be thinking the same.. to generalise, the young’uns would be more inclined to be following SDs/PBP etc.
      On that, I found something a little strange when I went to get myself and the boyfriend on the supplementary register… I won’t say where, but I was giving in the two forms, and your wan says to me, I can’t accept anyone else’s form, just your own.

      I had happened to notice that another person just before me had handed in two forms to the other clerical officer behind the counter.. (not the same clerical officer helping me).. So I says, oh.. well your man before me just gave your colleague two forms there.. So she checks with the other wan, who says back to her, that’s only if it’s a big group, two is grand.

      I found that very strange…. They could have been posted in either way.
      What’s the difference in theory if you’ll accept one form being handed in on your behalf by someone else, or a dozen? Particularly when they’re generally mailed in the post anyway?

      It was the last day to get on the supplementary register, so I’m wondering are there groups of students who’ve not gotten on the supplementary register because of some arbitrary policy decision made by those in the county councils or above them.

      Snakey little snakes..

      1. Cynthia

        Very dodgy: your boyf could have been denied a vote if you hadn’t challenged her misinformation. The “big group” logic sounds like pure fudge.

        1. Anne

          Yeah Cynthia…. I wouldn’t have gone away too quietly, I think I might have given off that impression. :)

          But I’m wondering who was refused and how many?

          Maybe it was a once off.. maybe the person handing in the forms got the individuals to go in themselves to the county council, to tear the wagons out over the counter, sorry, I mean to hand in the forms themselves… but it was kinda last minute, so I dunno.

          If they have this policy, and just took the forms and didn’t process them (to avoid getting into fisty cuffs) are we going to see lots of people show up at polling stations to find out on the day they aren’t on the supplementary register?

          1. Anne

            Actually, I’m just reading the notes on the form –

            Note 4 –
            “A separate form must be completed and signed by each person applying for
            inclusion in the supplement. The form must be sent or delivered by the
            applicant directly to the registration authority.”

            Could a nominee go away then and put them all in an envelope and ‘send’ them in?

            ‘Sent’ is a bit ambiguous really. Sent via An Post only? Sent how exactly..

            I recall bus loads of students heading to get registered anyways.. so a lot must have dropped them in themselves.
            I wonder were all the forms gathered from them when they got to the council/s, or were they made join a queue out the door, and processed one by one? Going by the notes, they should have had to form a queue..and the form taken from them one by one… Not very practical at all and depending on the time they showed up, not possible to process before close of business.

  4. octo

    The phrase “two thirds more” is ringing an alarm bell in my head about Grainne Faller’s maths capabilities. Why not say “three times as many”?

    1. milk teeth

      I thought it was a poor choice. Would surly have been better to pointed out that he gained more followers than the all the others put together (he gained 1457, they gained 1431). Or phrase it as he got over 50% of all new followers gained as a result of the debate.

  5. Drogg

    This is all great but the Soc Dems seem to keep avoiding questions on the 8th amendment, school equality and mental health you know actual social issues.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      The day they launched they said they would get rid of the 8th. Why do you persist with this lie?

    2. Caroline

      It’s weird because you can find out in seconds what their stated position is on each of these issues but yet you don’t do it. Very strange.

      1. Drogg

        At the IPPN conference two weeks ago Stephen Donnelly addressed the conference and said school equality is not as big an issue as the newspapers make it out to be and would not be focusing on it in their policy. I should say i like the Soc Dems even if they added Róisín Shortall but i have heard no direct answers from them on any of those issue so if you have links please supply i would be most grateful.

          1. Drogg

            There was a political debate on the second morning with Stephan Donnelly, charlie mcconalogue, joanna Tuffy, Jim Darcy and billy timmins, I was their with the press to catch them on the campaign trail.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Oh, so the press will have reported on these comments then. It’s just I can’t seem to find any evidence of them. Have you a link?

          3. Drogg

            The videos hasn’t been made public and its over 2 days so it is no longer news so i cannot share anything i have maybe it will be released at a future date i should add that it was the one point they all agreed on i was just try surprised by Donnelly’s stance on that but i am glad to see that is not policy as seen in the link caroline shared below still wouldn’t be overly happy with their stance but it is a lot better then i perceived it to be.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            The internet deletes news links after 2 days now? Alrighty. You’re just making this up as you go along aren’t you.

          5. Drogg

            No but tv can’t show links of a private event after two days unless they have released it into the public domain.

          1. Drogg

            Thanks for the link, but being d****eads when someone challenges a party you like doesn’t exactly sell your position very well.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            “but being d****eads”

            You asked for a link. You were given one by Caroline. That makes her a d****ead?

            “when someone challenges a party you like”

            I thought you liked them too? Also, asking for a link is challenging them? Weird. I’d almost swear you had no interest in any of the information you asked for and were pretending to present yourself as an impartial observer when you’re probably a supporter of one of the others.

            “doesn’t exactly sell your position very well.”

            Why should anyone care who you vote for?

          3. Caroline

            I reserve my position on being called a d1ckhd. I have no submissions to make on that point at the moment.

          4. Drogg

            If i was annoyed about looking foolish why would i thank you for sharing the info with me that makes no sense? I do like the Soc Dems i still think adding an ex labour person was a mistake but no one is perfect but i certainly do not support any parties cause if you think about why would i mention any of those topics when the answer to all the other parties in those areas are a complete cluster***k I know PBP and AAA support repealing the 8th but none of their economic policies will bolster education or health services and i personally feel that FF, FG, SF and Labour are a complete waste of time and each will break their election promises within the first 12 months in the dail.

  6. Anne

    “Researchers from the have been crunching the Twitter numbers”

    From the ……..?

    “Insight4Elections is a publicly available web tool where users can “crunch the numbers” for themselves here”

    I clicked on that there –

    I can’t crunch the numbers for myself it seems.. all the graphy things are done for me.
    I’d be thinking if I was to go crunching the numbers myself, I’d be just seeing data and I could do pivot tables, then graphs myself. I don’t get how I can crunch the numbers myself exactly, when it’s all done and dhusted already. Does crunch the numbers mean something other than what I think it means?
    Crunch the fupping blunders..

    1. Anne

      Not that I’d be inclined to go do that.. I’ve better things to be doing. But if I was inclined to want to go ‘crunch the numbers for myself’, tis all done like.

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