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This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly arrives for a cabinet meeting to discuss covid restrictions.

Via Irish Examiner:

Mr Donnelly said he expects the use of Covid-19 booster vaccines to be extended significantly as the evidence for boosters is “incredibly strong”.

In addition to extending boosters to those aged 50 to 59, shots are also to be approved for thousands of people under the age of 50 who have underlying conditions.

Mr Donnelly said that it is “all hands on deck” in rolling out the booster shots.


The meeting of the Cabinet’s Covid sub-committee heard significant criticism of the HSE from ministers over delays in the booster campaign, and Defence Minister Simon Coveney offered the use of the army to aid in the battle against the current surge.

Cabinet to approve expansion of vaccine boosters after ‘stark’ and ‘grim’ Covid-19 warnings (Irish Examiner)


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This morning.

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This morning.


Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

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This afternoon.

Dail Eireann.

Via RTE News:

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has told the Dáil that “we have to be concerned that things will deteriorate further” as he proposed extending emergency legislation providing for face masks, Covid passes, enforcement powers and fixed penalty notices.

The laws were due to expire on 9 November.

Mr Donnelly proposed extending them for another three months until 9 February

He said he could not commit with certainty what the trajectory of the disease would be.

Minister proposes extending Covid emergency legislation until 9 February (RTÉ)


“Let me be very clear about this. To declare war you declare war on an enemy. And to declare a section of Irish society as an enemy is inexcusable.”

Renegade medic Dr Vincent Carroll defends the unjabbed from a declaration of war against them – announced in yesterday’s Irish Daily Mail (top left) – by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

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This morning/afternoon.

Darndale Bell Centre, Dublin 17.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly at the launch of the Sláintecare Healthy Communities Programme, a €13m initiative to ‘support increased health and wellbeing services to 19 communities in Ireland’.


…Mr Donnelly said that Government figures show that one in three pubs and restaurants are not correctly checking for Covid passes at the door.

He said that this is “not acceptable” and that this cohort needs to “step up” during the winter.

“The survey results I have and the enforcement data we have both say the same thing, that about two in every three pubs or restaurants are enforcing and that one in three is not. That is not OK, it is not acceptable for that one in three,” he told reporters.

Taoiseach wants crackdown on Covid certs as Donnelly tells pubs and restaurants to ‘step up and do the right thing’ (Independent.ie)

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From top: Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly getting his first jab last June;  the Minister at the opening of Rathdrum Primary Care Centre, county Wicklow last Monday

This afternoon.

Amid a ”sudden and unexpected* change” in the ‘behaviour’ of the Covid-19 virus that is causing “alarm” among senior public health officials and may see the lifting of restrictions postponed….

…Via Independent.ie

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly is self-isolating after experiencing mild symptoms of Covid-19.

He was forced to postpone his Budget press conference due at the Department of Health this morning where he was scheduled to appear before members of the media.

The Department of Health said today he “has experienced mild symptoms of Covid-19.

As per public health advice, Minister Donnelly immediately self-isolated and arranged a test which has returned a not-detected result.

“Minister Donnelly will continue to follow the public health advice (including working from home) and encourages anyone who experiences symptoms of Covid-19 to self-isolate and get tested straight away.”

The minister is fully vaccinated against Covid-19


Further easing of Covid-19 restrictions in doubt amid alarm over behaviour of virus (Independent.ie)


*except by tin foilers



Minister for Health Stepehen Donnelly arrives at Dublin Castle this morning

This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.


Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has hinted face masks may remain as part of “sector specific measures” past October 22, and not just for public transport, shops and hospitals.

Despite Cabinet ministers signing off earlier this year on masks only remaining in those settings, Mr Donnelly opened the door to masks remaining in other situations as part of “sector specific measures”.

“The intention is that there will be continuing requirements in relation to mask wearing in a range of settings including healthcare settings, indoor retail and on public transport,” he said.

Face masks may also continue to be needed to be worn in certain environments as part of sector specific measures to ensure a safe environment.”

Donnelly hints face masks may remain as part of ‘sector specific measures’ (Independent.ie)

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews