15 thoughts on “I’m Not Saying I’m A Bat

    1. Neilo

      That would be an IRSP poster, strictly speaking, but you could broaden it out to include Loyal as a (Mad) Dog.

  1. neil

    I still can’t quite tell if it’s a joke or for real. One of the events on his calendar is: “Special Representation of the utility of topology to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ireland February 23 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm”. I wish I could vote for him.

  2. Eoin Tierney

    Hello everyone. Thanks for the kind words. It’s for real. If you pinch me I will ouch.

    The Special Representation will be a simple act of formal appreciation of our common humanity.

    The posters are designed (all by me) to both illustrate the general poverty of political communication and hopefully stimulate others to pay more care and attention to how we politicians address one of the most astute, well-educated, widely traveled, and politically aware populations on the planet.

    Too many of our politicians treat Ireland like a schoolyard, flinging the cheapest of shots around to the admiring snickers of their fellow gang members. We need so much better.

    My apologies if these comments or the attitude conveyed irritates any of you.

    My deepest respect to you all,

    My deepest gratitude for the opportunity,

    Eoin Tierney
    Dublin Bay South
    Equal Ireland)

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