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Revealed: Sinn Féin’s ‘orchestrated campaign’ of intimidation against RTÉ (



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  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    So what was Al Kelly frothing at a Newstalk producer about then? And people here still say there’s right wing spin in our national dailies.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Aye. He’s a gormless clown. Also, “And people here still say there’s *no* right wing spin in our national dailies.”

      2. brownbull

        I despise AK but it was the one thing he was right about, Newstalk gave Lowry preferential treatment, why? who owns Newstalk?

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          I suppose the point was that it showed the extreme sense of entitlement that Alan Kelly has, that he thought it perfectly appropriate to storm into a private business and tell them what to do. Then he gives the SBP interview where he says power is a drug and it suits him. He’s a toddler acting out something he saw on TV. Unfit for office.

          1. 15 cents

            exactly. and he says he watched house of cards regularly. for a start theres only 2 seasons, so he’s watchin it over n over, and he fully thinks hes a character from it. which is very fuppin dangerous to have in politics. someone actin out stuff they saw on telly, but having a real effect on the lives of real people.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            I sort of hope he gets reelected though, although only if Labour are not in government. Plenty of comic value there.

    1. newsjustin

      Gerry has never held a sum in his life. Gerry has consistently worked to take ALL the sums out of Irish politics.

      1. 15 cents

        eh, sums were clearly never a part of irish politics. just look at out situation over the last number of years. we had it, went nuts and chucked it all away, and now as theyre tryna fix it, they get simple figrues wrong, but out by billions. thats terrifying.

  2. rugbyfan

    and some people want PIRA/SF in power. God help us if it ever happens. You’ll see more leaving than ever left following the last downturn!

    1. Tish Mahorey

      No you absolutely won’t.

      You’ll see more coming back and the small number of the right-wing Royalists in Fine Gael leaving and good riddance to those.

    2. dav

      It’s madness but the Blushirts have messed things up soo badly that a terrorist organisation is seen a a viable alternative to their rule?? Bravo boys you sure know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, must be a mayo thing

      1. ollie

        A terrorist organisation?
        Is this the same blueshirts who proposed and elected an ex. terrorist for a Seanad seat?
        The same terrorist leader who wanted to wage war on the PSNI and the Good Friday agreement?

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Sinn Fein were always the best at media manipulation, sure they have had years of practice in media up North that no other party would have a clue how to handle.

    As much as I dislike SF, I’ve always admired their canny use of the media. Whether it’s throwing distracting strops in the Dáil, or organising their grass root supporters, they’re far more adept then any of the other parties at getting the attention they want, when they want it.

    They’re still a bunch o’ fuppwits tho.

      1. Steve

        Sorry to jump in here Clampers, rude of me, but @rory, it’s probably because they murdered people for 30 years and haven’t apologised for the death, destruction and misery they caused. The queen apologised, Cameron has apologised for Bloody Sunday. PIRA/SF haven’t because they are still too arrogant.

        They also want to bludgeon a lot of people into a state that they want nothing to do with.

        Screw their supposed progressive policies.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Fair point, but that’s not it.

          If a Bishop did what Mary Lou, Pearse Doherty and Gerry did last year regarding denying the “expulsion” of paedophiles and rapists into the south via kangaroo courts, that Bishop would be asked to step down. Why should it be any different for these cretins?

          I find it unconscionable and irreconcilable for either of them to be allowed remain in public office. According to Michael Martin there are 29 cases of those abused as a result of these kangaroo courts going through the proper courts now…. Mary Lou did later make a sheepish apology for her denial. But, the denial itself is akin to that of a Bishop shifting paedos around and denying it. It is that simple for me. Others may think me too harsh. But it was the nail on the coffin of a party and persons for whom I had already had enough of their ‘party first’ attitude.

          I honestly believe also that SF would run this country into the ground just to unite the island, something they cannot do, that’s up to those in the North, not us, not SF, the people of the North. And only them.

          I am sick of the lies and deceit of all parties. But none of them other than SF have run kangaroo courts, or claimed that in 1998 the “done thing at the time” was to brush such things under the carpet, which was an attempt by Mary Lou to say that 1998 was just like 1988. It most certainly was not, the years of waiting for the various reports was at the forefront of everyones mind and the done thing at the time was to report it, not hide it as Mary Lou claimed. Sure, in 1998 Ireland passed the act for the propection of those reporting abuse…. and that didn’t happen over night, just like the reports didn’t. There were years before that where the done thing was to report it.
          This whole broad incident around SFs attempts to obfuscate the truth, and minimise damage to themselves and their party is a continued and highly objectionable denial, and it shows how low SF are willing to drag themselves. They still carry that attitude today, SF first, people last, and they will change direction, chase votes, flip flop on ideals all just to get votes without any care for anyone but their sick twisted party.

          It’s one thing not to trust a party on finances, it’s another to not trust a party morally corrupt as SF.

          I have never used the Troubles as a stick to beat SF with. And never will. I have given longer reasons in the past for my dislike of SF, the above only touches really on one main point, that they are a morally corrupt bunch, and the whole top tier of SF would likely have to go before I could ever trust them. There are good people in the party, just like there are in any party, but it’s the management that needs to go.

          (I didn’t re-read this before posting… sorry for any typos)

          1. Clampers Outside!

            @J That was a dirty war, the Troubles, and there was dirt done on both sides. There’s a peace process, and parties are at the table together. Bringing in the Troubles to have a go at SF is a pointless exercise counter intuitive to any attempt to discuss the state of the party and it’s actions since the peace process began.

            I have been under the general impression, understanding even, that that is how to move forward.

          2. LW

            I’m not defending SF here, but it might not be entirely fair to say that none of the other parties haven’t been brushing stuff under the carpet. Did you not read this about Noonan the other day:

            “This whole broad incident around SFs attempts to obfuscate the truth, and minimise damage to themselves and their party is a continued and highly objectionable denial, and it shows how low SF are willing to drag themselves. They still carry that attitude today, SF first, people last, and they will change direction, chase votes, flip flop on ideals all just to get votes without any care for anyone but their sick twisted party.”
            To be fair I think you could replace SF in that sentence with FF, FG or Labour. Although I would also change it from first, to individuals first.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            I hear you LW.

            Please don’t interpret my ragging on SF as any defence of any other party. I’m sure you don’t but, just checking :)

            Again, while all other parties may have or have done acts that some may consider similar or the same, no other party has run kangaroo courts and denied them, and denied the consequences of them. This is key.

            I’ll lambaste FF for giving the nuns financial protection or other parties for similar behaviour, but none of them committed the acts of the church themselves which is the stand out point – SF did commit the acts themselves, and denied it, and attempted to brush the consequences under the carpet. But they got caught, and continued denials. That’s a huge difference in my book. I have been criticised for this stance, and that is fine.
            While I do see what other parties have done as wrong, I see SFs direct responsibility as far more damaging to them, and on that I’ll not waver. But yeah, I accept completely that other parties have done wrong, I am in no way forgiving them either.

          4. Neilo

            @Clampers: I heartily endorse your sentiment but as I’ve had a number of more, ah, forthright comments on the organisation excised from the record, I’d best leave it there for a while.

          5. Clampers Outside!

            I too take my foot off the peddle when it comes to my tirades on SF…. if you don’t you’ll find yourself in a very angry place, so it is best to step back from them as often as one can, and take a calming slow breath :)

      1. Clampers Outside!

        My grandfather was in the legitimate Irish army, the IRA, the first legitimate army of the first Dáil. He was also in the IRB and later the IRA, this time not the legitimate one. He died of TB contracted due to too many winter nights hiding out from the Brits in the hills of Donegal. He was given a full military funeral. He died long before the IRA split that lead to the Troubles…. my Dad grew up with that, and yeah, with the SF we have today, he has no time for. Clearly, he has his own reasons of which I would never claim to be fully aware of, that’s his prerogative, whether he wishes to tell me or not.

        They are certainly not the same SF of 1916, or the SF of decades later, they’re a deluded, damaged, cultist bunch today who would throw your child under a car rather than see damage done to their party – the denials of the kangaroo courts are proof of that, to my mind.

          1. J

            Comforting to know that there are those amongst us who do get angry at the evils inflicted on this nation and other nations by Gerry and his supporters.

    1. newsjustin

      Why would you expect it to be? Politician condemns a murder, not big news. Maybe on a slow news day, but that was hardly a slow news day.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        They were perfectly happy to link him with the murder. Very suspicious that they don’t report him condemning it. Actually, not suspicious at all.

  4. Steve


    Sorry for caps

    Fair play to ye bodger – credit where credit is due

  5. ahjayzis

    Gerry’s a car crash and I don’t trust a party that puts reverence and devotion to a leader above electability / competence.

    Buuuut – O’Rourke is a biased broadcaster. He was tough-ish on Kenny yesterday, today he was actually just sneering. Fair enough Gerry’s poo at numbers / policies / anything other than platitudes – but the tones are completely different.

    O’Rourke is far worse at hiding his political stripes than even Pat Kenny – both arch-conservatives. It was particularly glowing out of him during the marriage referendum.

      1. ahjayzis

        Keelin Shanley stands in for him a lot (notably the day the marref results were announced) – I think she’s brilliant at it.

          1. ahjayzis

            Unfortunately, she probably doesn’t demand as large a salary as the geriatrics that dominate prime time news and current affairs – everyone knows the salary demand is what makes a good broadcaster.

  6. Fergus the magic postman

    Regardless of who you support, taking political stories in the election build up at face value from any Denis O Brien owned media is pretty gullible, & RTE are not exempt from being unable to hide their agenda either.

    1. Steve

      I’m starting to think you could be right there.

      ….Gerry what’s your proposal to improve rural employment opportunities…..eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      1. K

        “The men and women of 1916….”

        That interview with O’Rourke was awful and I imagine Doherty and McDonald were tearing their hair out listening to it. The excuse will be put forward that O’Rourke was too hard and biased, but that’s bull. Adams can’t adequately defend or explain the basic policies of the party he leads.

        And to be fair, FG are running into similar problems in the polls due to Enda. Lots of airtime, very little meat on the bones beyond a trite slogan.

  7. Declan

    Do you think Gerry is like the Enda Kenny of the “left” – he’s a party man who survived it all but put a camera or tough questioning to him and he goes goes all wobbly

  8. some old queen

    @ Clampers et al. The very same criticisms could be lodged against all the establishment parties during the CC paedophile scandals. There is a reason why civil war politics still exists because neither FF nor FG offers anything politically different from each other. The main difference is that in SF’s case, most of the victims are still alive.

    I am no shinnerbot. I have been to hear DJs in Queens student union in Belfast where young fellas were dancing around in wheel chairs. Absolutely shocking how those people ever claimed to represent their country. But the democrats rather than the reactionaries are in control of that movement now. They have become more like the SDLP than they would ever care to admit.

    The big fear is not that SF will get into government but that they will become the main opposition. Why is that? Why is it so important that within a democratic parliament, the opposition is singing from the same hymn sheet as the government?

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