He’s Very Clubbable




This afternoon.

Kevin O’Farrell writes:

I was driving to the Fishman, local fish shop in Wicklow Town and happened upon a seal who had made his way to the shop. He swam up the Vartry River, jumped up onto the foot path and made his way across to the Fish Shop. Apparently this has become part of his daily routine at high tide.


Kevin adds:

To clarify, the lads at the fish shop were worried the seal would be hit by a car. Some days he apparently makes it into the shop.

The lads usher him back across the road. Each time they  get a bucket of fish guts and throw it into the river.  The seal then jumps back in, has his feed, and back up onto the path a cross the road and the cycle continues...only rolling to an end when the seal has had its feed.

The lads also informed me it has become worse as of late, as the seal now has a girlfriend so he is also feeding her and showing off.…well worth a visit at high tide.

47 thoughts on “He’s Very Clubbable

  1. Jim

    That’s sammy the seal at the seal crossing. He’s been there for a few years now. Seal beach is a couple of Kms down the coast. Cruelty? Probably

  2. Condescending Nana

    I am sure there is more civilised way to deal with this? Do you have animal protection or anything like that up there?

    1. Rob_G

      That seal did not give a fupp about either the umbrella or the plastic bin; it’s less civilized they need to be heading, if anything.

  3. ahjayzis

    I love this chancer of a seal!

    Wicklow need to elect him mayor and make him official mascot of the town, he could be the east coasts answer to Fungi!

  4. Markskids

    Ha what a chancer :D

    I’d be terrified the poor guy would be run over crossing the road there, though it’s likely a game played out every day now with the lads in the shop to prevent that happening. I wonder were they feeding him in the first place though?

  5. martina

    Poor fella looks terrified – throw him a kipper to get him back into harbour instead of frightening him, pair of clowns.

    1. David

      Trouble is, feeding him may have brought him there. There must be someone out there with the knowledge on how to deal with the situation properly (like locking the lads up and throwing away the key maybe).

  6. Frenchfarmer

    Actually illegal to treat a seal that way.
    Prison even!
    But then it’s illegal to feed him too!
    Maybe just shut the door and call the animal welfare?

  7. jungleman

    Is there someone in the background shouting about the RSPCA? People are so easily outraged these days..

  8. Old Bawn

    Is the Fishman’s fish locally sourced? If not, perhaps Sammy has a taste for imported Spanish delicacies, that are lacking the tang of harbour oilslick

  9. Gene_C

    I called up Seaworld in Bray to inform them of this but the phone went to message. It said ‘Welcome to Seaworld. Your phone call may be recorded for training porpoises’. Here all week(but not after 5.30pm apparently).

  10. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    This is stupid, but easily remedied.
    – All they have to do is remove the ‘Fresh Fish’ sign from outside the premises, or at least move it to somewhere the seal can’t see.

    You can’t blame a stupid animal for taking it literally.

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