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This afternoon.

Kevin O’Farrell writes:

I was driving to the Fishman, local fish shop in Wicklow Town and happened upon a seal who had made his way to the shop. He swam up the Vartry River, jumped up onto the foot path and made his way across to the Fish Shop. Apparently this has become part of his daily routine at high tide.


Kevin adds:

To clarify, the lads at the fish shop were worried the seal would be hit by a car. Some days he apparently makes it into the shop.

The lads usher him back across the road. Each time they  get a bucket of fish guts and throw it into the river.  The seal then jumps back in, has his feed, and back up onto the path a cross the road and the cycle continues...only rolling to an end when the seal has had its feed.

The lads also informed me it has become worse as of late, as the seal now has a girlfriend so he is also feeding her and showing off.…well worth a visit at high tide.


Baltimore Sea Safari writes:

“This battered and bloodied Atlantic Grey Seal was hauled out on Quarantine Island [Co. Cork]. He bears the scars of a mating season encounter, when the dominant male guards a harem of females, and will defend off all possible suitors or challengers. These challengers often end up like this guy, defeated, dejected and bloodied.”

Harem, eh?