Not Yer Aul’ Lad’s Cover Band


The Fanzines

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The Fanzines are playing Toner’s on Baggot St., on Sunday as part of the venue’s Alternative Sunday Social Club, and they’re bringing a bunch of underloved/fondly remembered power-pop and new-wave gems with them. “Bringing bands back to Baggot Street”, sez the presser.

Here’s the blurb:

The Fanzines are a covers band, specializing in Top 20 hits from the New Wave/Power Pop era. Every song a guitar hit from THE era of guitar hits, and a song or two from the ’60s right up to a couple from the late ’80s to ensure something for everyone.

Any chance of a bit of Generation X, lads?

The Fanzines

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9 thoughts on “Not Yer Aul’ Lad’s Cover Band

    1. Paul Fanzine

      David ,
      The Cult would be as ‘heavy’ as it gets !
      If you look on our Facebook page at the top there’s a whole snippet video from last year which better represents the set .

      Come on down Sunday afternoon !

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