This morning.

Springfield, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Kirkbadaz writes:

Strange messages on recycled anti marriage equality posters outside doctor’s office, about 200m from polling station. Only appeared yesterday.



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39 thoughts on “Waste Not

  1. martco

    mmm…this thing of only vote for the the lads you want to see in is the wrong way to go mathswise in PR system?
    e.g. lets say you really hate someone like Mary Mitchell O’Connor for all sorts of reasons and you really like say Boyd-Barratt….
    is not the best route to go here to put your most liked @ #1 then immediately goto the bottom of the list and place your most hated at #15 and work backwards thus ensuring that whomever is at #15, #14 etc never ever gets the transfer if your card is checked in 2nd/3rd/4th counts


    1. ahjayzis

      If you really don’t like someone, don’t give them any preference and they will never get a transfer from you. If it had gotten to the fifteenth county (!) you might have voted for the person you hate in that scenario. They can’t get a transfer from you if you don’t give them a preference, full stop.

    2. The Old Boy

      Correct. People get quite hung up on giving any preference to their least-favoured candidates. If you want to really hammer someone, fill the whole ballot out and give them your last preference. You’ll also have slightly more clout electorally speaking than the person who stops after their third preference.

      1. ahjayzis

        The last preference could potentially be a vote for them though, a preference is a preference. If you have NO preference for seeing them elected, do NOT give them a preference.

        1. Joni2015

          How? If the count ever got down that far it would be to confirm their last place.

          I’ve seen a few similar posts on Facebook from the usual water charges and freeman crowd. It shows how dim they are that they can’t been get to grips with our voting system.

          1. ahjayzis

            What a gratingly rude little twit you are :o)

            The concept of not voting for someone you don’t want to vote for isn’t some mystical freeman concept, sweetheart.

        1. ahjayzis

          Hmmm, that IT article makes a little sense I suppose…

          Still wouldn’t be comfortable giving absolutely everyone a preference though. In order to get to your fifteenth for your least liked candidate, you’re going to fold in a load of people you also don’t like to make up the numbers.

          1. rotide

            theres usually about 7 candidates worth giving a preference to, add in another couple of protest-y type prefs and you’re way past the point where it really starts to make a difference.
            If in the unlikely event it does, you have the clean conscience of not having voted for either of the c*nts

    3. irishstu

      The flaw in your argument there is that Mary Mitchell O’Connor is on the same ballot as Frank Cronin. It’s like Sophie’s Choice but you hate your kids.

  2. Drebbin

    That’s bad advice, surely? As I understand it, you should vote all the way down, for as long as you have an opinion. Your 12th preference doesn’t come into play until your first 11 have been elected or defeated.

    So yes, you give a preference to people you disagree with. The only way your vote can help someone you hate is to defeat someone you hate even more.

    Is that correct?

    1. ahjayzis

      Yeah, I think so. If you really hate the Fianna Failer, but hate the Fine Gaeler a little less, giving FG a preference boosts them against FF if it gets to whatever count that is. But it’s a long shot – your first preference might be used to get your candidate to the quota and then you’ve voted and it’s over, or second, or third, the odds of your ballot hanging around for the tenth count are pretty slim. Your transfer is only used if your vote is surplus to your first preference getting the quota by the time it’s counted.

    2. rotide

      in a FPTP system this kind of thinking comes into play a lot more and leads to a two parrty system. With our system there is usually enough candidates that you really shouldn’t have to thibk this way if no-one else thinks this way

    3. David

      From that article:

      “As an election proceeds and the number of non-transferable votes accumulates, the number required to be elected – the effective quota – falls.”

      “In an election in which there is a strong non-transferable trend, this marginal trend can become very pronounced and results become very unpredictable.”

      So vote right the way through – some candidates are less bad than others within the same party.

  3. ollie

    Nothing strange about these messages. If you don’t want to see someone in the Dail don’t give them any number on the ballot paper.
    To summarise: , FG, FF and Labour = blank boxes.

      1. ahjayzis

        Voting isn’t a game of predicting who’ll be in government. Vote your values or we’ll have a two party system for no reason.

      1. Anomanomanom

        The pr system doesn’t work like that. Your helping who you don’t like by not using all the votes you can.

      2. Drebbin

        You are effectively abstaining from the election of any candidates you don’t give a preference to. That doesn’t stop them getting elected. It just means you don’t have a say.

        Which is fine if you hate them all equally, but if you make any distinction at all you should continue your vote. Don’t think of it as voting for a punch in the gut. Think of it as voting against a kick in the face.

        1. ReproBertie

          So instead of voting 1-15 with your least favoured/most detested candidate at 15, vote 1-14 and leave the last one empty? If there are only 15 candiates will your 15th preference ever be used? Wouldn’t someone higher up your ballot still have to be in the race for there to be a race?

          1. rotide

            I voted 1-13 today.

            That 13th preference is highly unlikely to ever be used. The 3 I didn’t give a preference to will get elected or eliminated a long time before 14th preferences are ever looked at.

  4. Mr. Camomile T

    The key point about not using all your preferences is that if a significant number of voters don’t vote beyond their 2nd or 3rd preferences it can reduce the overall number of transferable votes, thus lowering the quota and potentially making it easier for someone you don’t like to get elected. In a tight election, you’re probably better off voting all the way down the ballot paper than just giving your first few preferences.

  5. Bing Gong Gone

    Were these posters created by the same brainiacs that promoted “no contract, no consent” to be written on water charge envelopes?

  6. kirkbadaz

    I thought they were strange because the “pro trad family” crowd would be more supportive of Looney pro life independents and Renua

    maybe I was just woozy after the impromptu procto exam

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      I lived in Springfield for about a year way back when. It’s like living in a John Carpenter movie.

  7. DubLoony

    I knew who my no.1 & 2 are but hazy on the rest.
    Faced with the reality of my ballot paper this morning, I worked from the bottom up.
    Fupp no, jaysus no, ah here, just no.

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