Meanwhile, In Kildare North



Fiona Gartland tweetz:

Kildare North: Catherine Murphy elected on the first count.

Meanwhile, earlier…

And in Wicklow…

Wicklow: Stephen Donnelly on verge of election on first count (Irish Times)

18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Kildare North

  1. Baz

    The one trick Shar Pei needs to understand what irony is

    Wonder how she will fare if Red Flag don’t provide her with fresh fodder ?

  2. Same old same old

    I’m proud to have people like Catherine to represent me against the myriad forces of reactionary scum

  3. Frilly Keane

    Was down there myself until Kildare South got called. Class acts the SDs

    They came in style to Punchestown

  4. :-Joe


    If you want a good laugh and another brief and clear glimpse into a bare naked moment of the true cosy establishment, tune into Newstalk on the player for Roisin Shorthall being interviewed and hi-jacked by Pat Kenny with the help of another prop mouth-piece pretending to be an economist attacking her over Irish water and economic policy. Welcome to our club and remember who’s in charge woman.

    It’s at about 18:30 or before and notice how before and after they are very respectful to their buddies whether winners or losers.

    The Jist of it…..

    PAT loves endaKENNY’s ass :
    Congratulations Roisin.

    Roisin :
    Thank you, I’d just like to say tha……

    PAT loves endaKENNY’s ass :
    So are Roisin and Stephen Donnelly’s economic policies just “gonzo” ideas?

    Establishment Mouth-Piece / Propagandist economist :

    Roisin :
    Thinking (Eh wtf, are you muppets serious ?…..)

    Establishment Mouth-Piece / Propagandist economist :
    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, Haha, Haha I’m so clever….

    PAT loves endaKENNY’s ass :
    Ok good luck, we’re finished with you

    Ignorant, Patronising, Smug | F | U | C | K | I | N | G | disrespectful basTURDS…

    No wonder people don’t dare go into politics if this is how the establishment media congratulates you.


    1. Same old same old

      Don’t listen to those morons Joe
      They’ve spent all day asking any Shinner who comes on “shurr Gerry is a liability then isn’t he?”
      It’s like Robocalls
      The place in Digges Lane needs to be excavated

      1. :-Joe

        lolz….heard that too…

        Ye, I know what you mean but when in a battle of ideology you have to keep your finger(s) on the many establishment turds.

        If you don’t mind the mixed analogies….


        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          @ :-Joe ;

          I take affront at anything that begins with A-N-A-L.., including your ‘Analogy’.

          It’s not your fault.
          I’m just upset.

          I’m sitting here all bloody day at my computer, waiting for Broadsheet to post something titled, ‘Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead’.

          It isn’t happening, is it?

          (Hang on in there Ruth.)

    2. Andy

      So it’s wrong to question the cost of closing irish water?
      What with Stephen donnelly saying it would cost almost nothing?
      Even though Michael Martin acknowledged it would cost 100’s of millions to buy out the contracts with the service providers (siteserves, veolia, diehl/itRon etc) and in redundancy?

      I guess if you believe really really really hard it can be so.

      Best of luck with that.

  5. ReproBertie

    Gary Gannon lost out by about 400 votes to Paschal Donohoe and Maureen O’Sullivan.
    So frikkin’ close. Hard luck Gary.

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