Fancy A Pint?


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Brian Conroy writes:

Someone has applied for a trade mark for “Pint Aid”, which hopefully means some way that I can drink for charity. Huzzah! It’s like the Trocaire 24 Fast, except without the fasting and instead of not eating, you eat AND drink instead.

Charity begins at home…..provided you live over a pub. Also, this might have nothing to do with drinking for charity, I’m speculating wildly.


Pint Aid – Drink Outside The Box (Brian Conroy)

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7 thoughts on “Fancy A Pint?

  1. kellma

    I know the brother of the guy starting this and from the brief conversation on it I get the notion that it’s to do with participating pubs allowing you to donate your last pint (or your first or all ten etc) so that they put the pint through the register but you don’t get it and the money goes to charity.. Something along those lines. I was a bit dubious at first ( I usually am – PAYE worker that I am) but it might work, Think of all those people who get that famous Richard Branson complex when they are demented drunk….!

    1. Bobby

      That’s actually not that insane an idea. Granted, I prefer the drinking for charity version, but still, it may raise some money.

  2. PhilJo

    Or when you’re drinking with herself and rather than having a sneaky one on your own you buy one for charity… could work alright

  3. Skerries

    I was hoping it would be a gyroscopic gimbal like a steady cam attachment so I don’t spill my pint

  4. Tony "Fez" Fernandez

    Hey folks,

    Tony Fernandez here, Managing Director of PintAid.

    The reason I have set PintAid up is to accelerate fundraising for lesser known charities and causes. The goal is to work with a new “Cause” every month. Through our mobile application, website and donation tab on Point of Sales systems in pubs we aim to encourage people to donate the value of one pint to that months cause. We will also stage an event each month to raise awareness for the cause we are championing as well as the factors that have lead to them needing our assistance.

    We are currently inviting registration through our holding page at and are aiming for a May launch.

    Please feel free to contact me below if you have any further queries.

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