Anything Good On Reddit?


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Rapscallion writes:

Some sweet political hilarity found on Reddit…

*Check the comments on Reddit for the crisps version*


If Irish political parties were chocolate bars (Reddit)

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33 thoughts on “Anything Good On Reddit?

  1. kellma

    The AAA jar with me but I do like a picnic….. goes down great with a cup of tea. I particularly like the nuts…

    1. Paul

      was speaking with someone the other day who didn’t know what a Picnic bar was. Heartbroken I was.

      almost asked them if they’d ever had a ‘Masters of the Universe’ bar as a kid but I don’t think I could take another hit like the first.

        1. Cup of tea anyone?

          Were they the same as the Desperate Dan bars.
          I don’t know how my generation still have all their own teeth.

          1. WeDontNormallyDoThis

            They were the best way to lose those baby teeth.

            Roy of the Rovers bar FTW

    1. Lan

      How dare you insult the macaroon bar like that!
      Most of the people who dont support (eat) the macaroon, still remember it fondly. No one remembers 1950s and right wing values fondly (well some)

  2. Corvo

    Or a Snickers. You think you’re getting something good until you realise it’s just nuts.

    1. kellma

      great from the freezer though – nice and chewy… I need to go get some chocolate now….

  3. Neilo

    If ever you travel in Bavaria or the Tirol, I recommend the Snickers Cruncher: a regular bar with delicious choco-crispies studded all through it. Very nice indeed.

    1. Gah!

      ♫Catch it if you can, there’s more to tell, the centre is creamy caramel. First it’s crispy, then it’s creamy – CATCH! ♫

  4. thefatlad

    Good to see that a StarBar hasn’t been slurred by being connected to any party. Easy opportunity for a Flake joke missed though too

    1. Martin Heavy-Guy

      The PDs could be the flake. Crumble to pieces under pressure but one little bit always gets stuck to your trousers and you find it years later, still hanging around.

  5. Tish Mahorey

    By the way, anyone who keeps their chocolate in the fridge needs their head examined.

        1. Old Bawn

          Well, my goodness, Bertie’s a boy dog, isn’t he? Say, Joey, don’t you like it when Bertie hugs your leg and rubs himself up and down on it?

  6. dav

    ♪ ♫A, Finger of Fudge is just enough, to give your kids a treaat♪ ♫
    ♪ ♫A finger of fudge is just enough until it’s time to eaaat♪ ♫
    ♪ ♫it’s full of cadbury goodness etc..♪ ♫

  7. Neilo

    That’s the place out by the turnpike that sells mozzarella sticks and has all that goofy poo on the walls. Also, a rockin’ Skerries nitespot in the 80s and 90s.

  8. Old Bawn

    Shenanigans begat Shags. Then it was demolished last year (a planning permission crime against humanity), and a hideous concrete Bond-villain lair was constructed on the site. Right on the bloody harbour. There’s probably a moral in there if I could be bothered groping around for it

  9. rotide

    If you’re going to post stuff directly from r eddit, any chance of getting it removed from the naughty words list?

    1. Old Bawn

      I’ll raise you Hershey’s. I doubt there’s even a hint of cocoa powder within 100 miles of the factory that spawns them

  10. Andy

    100% agree. I had a fist full of hersehy’s drops at lunch.
    They are manky……….but highly addictive – probably all the sugar.

    Hershey’s has the license for Cadbury’s in the US but they are disgustingly bad imitations.
    Many folks here used buy Irish or UK Cadbury’s from specialty food stores – Irish & English stores which would sell snacks from the homeland!
    Of course word spread and more and more people started buying the imported versions so Hershey’s got wind and rather than improve their product they threatened legal action against all the little specialty store owners! Now we’ve to rely on visitors and stuffing our bags when we visit home!
    Corporate giant producing crap product bullies little mom & pop stores!
    Although I could probably do with cutting back………..

    1. Anne

      “Hershey’s got wind and rather than improve their product they threatened legal action against all the little specialty store owners! Now we’ve to rely on visitors and stuffing our bags when we visit home!”

      People in the US are not relying on visitors.
      They sued two importers.. they can’t sue everyone.

      Here you go –

      “The good news for expats is that Hershey’s suits against Posh Nosh and L.B.B. seem to have been the legal equivalent of brushback pitches, if I may be permitted an all-American simile. Carry on Tea & Sympathy, as Nicky’s grocery is formally known, has been getting its Dairy Milks and Flakes from among the dozen or so smaller importers who are still trading in Cadbury’s—sometimes “incognito,” as Nicky puts it. The shelves at Myers of Keswick, another English grocer in Greenwich Village, several blocks west of Tea & Sympathy, are similarly well-stocked with a kaleidoscopic array of Cadbury product.”

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