28 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Irish Catholic?

  1. Pablo Pistachio

    Anything good in the Irish catholic? No…no,never. We’ll just have to wait for this ageing creepy generation to die off I guess.
    Sweet mother of jesus christ almighty god help us, would ya look at the head on Quinn. Did they take that picture of him while he was on the toilet?

    1. Yea, Ok

      Depressingly enough these attitudes are alive and well in a lot of Ireland’s youth. A LOT. Large swathes of the Nathan Carter brigade, for example.

  2. Rapscallion

    I wonder what the David Quinn article is about? Obviously not victim blaming Ireland’s population for being deferent towards the clergy!?! That would be akin to blaming the rape victim for what they were wearing. Don’t have a copy of the IC to check.

    1. ahjayzis

      I can guess.

      A culture of deference lead to child rapists getting protection from the church in some vague way.

      That same deference is why evil opinions like not discriminating against gays and wanting women to have reproductive rights get a hearing these days.

      The church is flawless, everyone else is at fault.

      And then some schpeel about being bullied and persecuted.

    2. Deluded

      I read it.
      This is actually unfair and conveys a wrong impression to the hundreds of millions who watched the Oscars or the highlight clips on the news and on other programmes. It gives the impression that the Church has done little or nothing since the scandals first broke upon public consciousness and that the Pope himself does not take the issue seriously.

      1. delacaravanio

        Maybe the new pope does take it seriously, but the church as an institution certainly doesn’t. Sure the last pope was up to his neck in it. God’s Rottweiler was what they used to call him during the days when he ran the Vatican under John Paul II. Every sex abuse claim had to be reported to him and his office. He then took the top job on account of having dirt on every cardinal in the world. The man should be put on trial.

        Now the

      2. Deluded

        “…done little or nothing since the scandals first broke…”
        They did awful things to suppress and discredit. One of the conditions of victim redress was that the case, and the testimony, couldn’t be taken to court.

    3. classter

      Ireland’s population does have questions to answer for why it was so deferential to the Church.

      The Church had its power because we gave it that power.

  3. Old Bawn

    Ah, the good old Catholic Church. Dragging civilisation back to the Dark Ages since AD01…

    1. newsjustin

      Labour out, Fianna Fail in means that the 8th Amendment is, thankfully, going nowhere.

      1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

        Its really is only a matter of time news, you’re are only fooling yourself if you think the opposite. I think the marriage ref has shown what can be done by grassroots and established parties across political lines and involving people who aren’t political but see what is the right thing to do. That has hopefully emboldened the abortion rights crowd to step up as well, which given Lorcan’s updates seems to be happening.

        1. Lorcan Nagle

          Anyone who thinks that Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael won’t tilt in the direction of popular opinion is fooling themselves. And anyone who thinks that the vote against Labour was because of their weak pro-choice stance needs to look up the difference between correlation and causation.

  4. Caroline

    It’s our own stupid fault for liking priests so much!

    If priests have committed any crime, it’s the crime of people being nearly TOO fond of them.

    1. Big Mad Bond Fan

      I was lucky enough last weekend to catch the guy delivering ‘Alive!’ and hand it back to him, although having to handle it at all always makes me feel so dirty.

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