Here Come The Bizzies



Britain’s National Crime Agency in action

The National Crime Agency (NCA) – described as Britain’s equivalent to the FBI – has contacted the BBC after revelations in a Spotlight programme about the sale of Nama’s Northern Ireland property loans.

[The National Asset Management Agency (Nama) sold the loan portfolio for more than £1bn in April 2014]

Spotlight covertly recorded former Nama advisor Frank Cushnahan claiming he was to receive fixer fees after the deal.

NCA director general Lynne Owens told the Policing Board that a NCA deputy director has approached the BBC.

“He has been engaging with the BBC in light of the Spotlight programme and of course will follow any lines of inquiry that arise as a result of that programme,” Ms Owens said.

Nama loans sale: NCA contacts BBC over Spotlight revelations (BBC)

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34 thoughts on “Here Come The Bizzies

  1. Zaccone

    This is realistically the only way corruption in Ireland will ever get dealt with: when it involves the UK/US and competent crime agencies begin to investigate it.

    1. Floyd

      Competent agencies ? USA – watch ‘making a murderer’ on Netflix
      UK – Guilford and Birmingham ,
      Wept !

      1. mikeyward

        gud show all right der kiddo But FACT rimayns yer confewsin reallife with de gogglebox

      2. Kenda

        I have come to believe that the only way Ireland will progress is if she asks to be let back in.

        Unfortunately this could take another 10 or 20 years of misery until Paddy learns what’s best for him the hard way.

        Ireland has to be one of the most tragic countries in the world. A country with a pathetic history, dubious sovereignty and has done nothing for the world but export labour. Ireland has a sympathy seat among the league of nations on the coat tails of Britain. Ireland is a country that believes the Irish and ex-Irish who live abroad (the fortunate ones) absolutely love Ireland, talk about Ireland all the time and love to line up on Paddy’s Day to shake hands with an overweight minister and his entourage of hungover civil servants (sporting M&S suits and rubber-soled shoes). A land of unlimited supplies of hazy self regard, hopes, dreams, aspirations and drunken hubris.

        Any sympathy or remnants of guilt concerning the Irish plight has long come to an end. Post Celtic Tiger Ireland needs to grow up and take responsibility. All that’s going on in Ireland in 2016 are a few cowboys with a bit of power scraping the barrel of whatever’s left and selling it off to whoever will buy it. When they get what they want, they want nothing more than to “renovate” Victorian gaffs in polite suburbia and drive Range Rovers like the important people do over in England. To hell with the consequences. There are none.

        1. Cromuel

          Ireland needs to break the corrupt connection that has grown up between politicians and big business.

          That wouldn’t be done by becoming a colony of Britain. British politicians have their own corrupt connections that would leave Ireland in the ha’penny place.

        2. Harry Molloy

          Ireland’s biggest liability is miserable knobs like you. the rest of us will get on with it. as usual.

        3. classter

          Compare Ireland in 1921 with Scotland in 1921 and do the same in 2015.

          Look at any index of progress – education, inequality, education,…anything

          ireland’s performance in that period has compeltely outstripped any part of the UK aside from London & its environs.

    2. classter

      ‘realistically the only way corruption in Ireland will ever get dealt with: when it involves the UK/US and competent crime agencies begin to investigate it.’

      The UK is not better than us in this respect & thinking otherwise is moronic. See how the Westminster paedophile scandal has been pushed back into the bottle. White collar crime is rampant in the UK.

      There are other parts of Europe (and beyond eg. Singapore) which are far better in this respect.

      We should be looking to the best of class rather than the cosmetic efforts of the UK or even the sporadic-but-occasionally-outstanding US agencies

    1. classter

      ‘Lucky the northies know how to police.’

      You know nothing of the North.

      In terms of corruption, the six-counties is a cess-pool that makes us seem like a shining oasis.

      Paramilitary-affiliated groups have control over whole swathes of public services and utilities.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Nope. It would have been amazing if they weren’t so consistent with their blatant uneven-handedness.

      What is amazing, is that you’ll still get people (on here & IRL ) every day, who will deny RTE are anything other than the impartial, objective, unbiased, & neutral national broadcaster that they should be.

      1. classter

        I am one of those.

        RTE could do a lot better in lots of areas but I generally find them to be relatively impartial & objective.

  2. ahjayzis

    We’re grand though, it’s none of our business. It’s only our bloody money.

    They send in the Feds, we appoint a poxy judge.

  3. Anne

    Nice one.

    I’d say there are some in Nama sh*ting themselves.
    Baldy might get his day in the sunshine yet too.

    Getting sorted right back at greedy, corrupt fuppsh*tes.

  4. Kolmo

    The corrupt culture of the Irish ruling classes and their supporters that led to the horrors of the famine and land clearances was never fully expunged after independence and could arguably be connected to anti-social gombeen culture we have now, for some reason the Irish citizen and their wholly unreasonable demands to live in a civilised, well-run country has always gotten in the way of a good profit, ungrateful peasants.

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