Climate Change



This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin.

Newly forgiven Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, just elected in Dublin South, and Green Party deputy leader Catherine Martin, a new TD for the Dublin Rathdown constituency.

Bloody hippies.

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17 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. Brian S

    Not forgiven by me or anyone else who had their motor tax raised and based on made up nonsense for older cars

    1. Bacchus

      Blame Phil Hogan and his mates in the SIMI. The emissions part was the Green Party. It amazes me how people constantly get facts wrong in relation to the greens time in office just so they can spout misplaced venom.

    2. Small Wonder

      Oh no! Your motor tax was raised?! That is definitely the worst thing that can happen to a citizen of this country. You hold on to that little ball of anger, my friend. Squeeze it tight. Because never has anyone ever been more justified.

  2. Bill

    Whoever voted these clowns into government need to have their heads checked. The Green parties solution to everything is new taxes and levies. They are green only in name.

    1. Joe Cavanagh

      Yes, discouraging environmentally damaging habits through heavier taxes of those areas*. What a mad and un-green concept? It’s the same logic that inflates the price of cigarettes. People don’t appear to have the willpower or foresight to prevent long term damage so taxes are allocated to damaging areas to attempt to be a deterrent and not a ban. I am very open to improved solutions but cannot think of one or have not heard of one yet.

      *Those areas should always be up for discussion. I would understand someone criticising an area that’s taxed (beyond ‘it inconveniences me, screw the next generation’) rather than the whole concept.

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