Some Of The Roses Have Survived


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ClearHaze revisits the recently reoccupied Grangegorman Squat. To wit:

…a social and cultural experiment highlighting the housing crisis. Shortly after that visit all of the residents were forced to leave. After almost a year a core group have returned to the site so we went and talked with them about their plans for the squat. 

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34 thoughts on “Some Of The Roses Have Survived

    1. Nilbert

      how so? By burning a broken piano? Planting some kale?
      let’s all live like this!!!!
      beyond parody, these people are living clichés.

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      Squats are social experiments, yes. Gold star for you!

      1. dav

        don’t bother, he’ll just complain it’s not 24 carat or it’s not champagne gold to match his iphone 6

          1. Termagant

            Right, so we can theorise (and nothing more, because it’s anthropology, lol) from the conclusion of this paper that to assert ownership over land appeals to a sense of self bound in the social status rooted in territoriality. That is to say, people who don’t have things feel bad because they don’t have things and other people do, and then they take things, and they feel good. Do you feel this is adequate justification for taking land that doesn’t belong to you?

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            You wanted a thesis (it’s a thesis by the way, not a paper), one that also uses psychoanalysis. Is that lol too? Maybe you can give us a critique of the theories you do support and then we can rewrite theoretical everything according to your whim. Also, you need to reread it because your critique is basic at best.

          3. Termagant

            It’s not a critique, it’s an interpretation. The paper itself seems adequately sourced and makes some interesting observations, it’s a solid article. And perhaps you can instruct me as to how my interpretation is flawed? Unless you haven’t read it yourself, and you’re just yammering. But I’d never accuse you of that.

  1. Mysterybeat

    I see the owners of the site made excellent use of developing it since they kicked the squatters out. Oh wait…

    1. rotide

      In a few months?

      Do you think Harry Potter magics developments into place with his wand?

  2. Demoniac

    Dublin – like other Irish towns and cities – is full of empty houses and derelict sites. There’s no sanction on people who keep these houses and sites unused while waiting to profit from them.

    1. Bobby

      If you own something, why should you be forced to use it the way someone else wants you to?

        1. Bobby

          Depends on the definition of common good. People living in unsafe conditions with no oversight is not the common good.

      1. Tish Mahorey

        “If you own something, why should you be forced to use it the way someone else wants you to?”

        It’s called being a responsible citizen and a good neighbour.

    2. DubLoony

      In Dublin 8 we have loads of derelict sties that have been unused for 30-35 years.

      I’ve no idea if they have been forgotten or feud over o a will or what they story is. But if they are left in a derlict state, at what point can they be turned over to the city council to dispose of? Social / affordable housing in-fill developments.

    3. Tish Mahorey

      “There’s no sanction on people who keep these houses and sites unused while waiting to profit from them.”

      There is from 2017. Sites of one hectare or more will incur an annual tax of 3% of the value of the land. It needs to be extended to smaller site too though.

  3. Iwerzon

    With ownership of property – handing over money in exchange for land – comes responsibility. Fair play to the creative tenants – giving to the community in exchange for residency – and I know they know it may be temporary.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    Her hair though.

    That Spanish rug on her head. That crusty rug hair with the short fringe. It’s awful.

    But keep going with the creative stuff until the time comes to move on. It’s better than a wasteland with nothing happening.

  5. Alex Lyons

    site was only bought a few months ago, a major development takes time

    the common good would be served better with 200 new housing units and the jobs created constructing them

  6. rotide

    FFS could they not have got someone to make their case a bit more elequently rather than someone who suggests they are all ‘scroungers with no jobs’ and doesn’t refute that? Or is claiming to be protecting the D7 local community when she is clearly from nowhere near it?

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