Micheál Dodger



He’s so slippery.

This afternoon

Fianna Fáil leader Michaél Martin and poster of same (top left) pursued by a TV3 news crew outside Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Fianna Fail bid to seize power from Fine Gael (Sunday Business Post)



This afternoon

From top: Newly elected Sinn Féin TD for Carlow/Kilkenny Kathleen Funchion and newly elected Dublin Bay North Sinn Féin TD, Denise Mitchell.

They’re old enough to remember the St Andrew’s Agreement.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews



Independent Alliance members Sean Canney, Finian McGrath TD, Shane Ross TD John Halligan TD andv Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran after meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny regarding the formation of a coalition.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

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34 thoughts on “Micheál Dodger

  1. Panty Christ

    FF painted themselves into a corner with the Irish water abolition in their manifesto lol

    1. Kieran NYC

      They’ll rename it as some HSE type organization, create a Minister for Water and call it a win.

    2. Mike

      ha ha ha. good old ff promising stuff to gullible electorate then lying and doing complete u turns. deary me, some things never change.

  2. Cloud

    Jaysis did Boxer Moran borrow his uncle’s suit or something.

    It’s a big day boxer ffs.

    1. rugbyfan

      pathetic, did he not look in the mirror before he left the house…as for McGrath he looks like he’s off to a match somewhere rather than the highest house in the land. Wonder what jersey Wallace will wear this season?

    2. ____

      Ah I’d sympathise with him. He’s never been on such a big stage before and he really doesn’t have the build for off-the-peg suits.

      A trip to a tailors would be a good investment.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Daddy, please don’t go down the mine again, there’s plenty of slack in your trousers

        1. Old Bawn

          Reminds me of my late lamented mother in law. She had a fetish about piling “slack” on the fire. In fairness to her, you could come into the living room the next morning and have to discard at least two layers of clothing.

  3. Peter81

    John Halligan looks like a Soviet car dealer. Throw him a few extra rubles for a working heater.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran

    Leave out the Boxer bit Kevin. You’re not in the Oasis nightclub leaning with your back to the bar checking out the talent.

  5. ahjayzis

    Also, the quadrangle of LH being a rancid old car park makes me sad.

    Imagine Westminster Green or the park in front of the Reichstag being tarmaced over as a car park.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Could you imagine the outrage on here though if TDs were compensated for carparking elsewhere, or gawd forbid built a designated carpark.

      1. realPolithicks

        You’re right as always Kieran, they should bulldoze Merrion Sq and turn it into a giant car park for the politicians and their pals….

  6. Jake38

    The Shinner babes look reassuringly unlike the hard men from West Belfast so I’ll definitely vote for them the next time. Not.

    1. some old queen

      The agreement is already made that charges are no longer. The billing system will be binned. Ironic because as IT system roll-outs go, it was tighter that a ducks ass under water. All credit to those involved. The political focus is now on procurement but centralisation does not mean mammy guarantees you a job.

      Progress of sorts I suppose.

      1. some old queen

        As for refunds, most who paid out of principle were FG supporters so join the dots . In your own time.

  7. francis almond

    pathetic to see so many commenters poking fun at peoples appearances. woeful attitude. be ashamed of yourselves

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