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indo apology

Today’s Irish Independent

 Gerry Adams had simply recounted an incident in which the IRA raided the offices of the newspaper on 19 December 1919 during the Tan War. He also said during the speech that he ‘obviously wasn’t advocating anything like that’.

‘Irish Independent’ apologises to Gerry Adams over untruthful reporting (Mark Moloney, An Phoblacht)

Pic: Frilly

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21 thoughts on “War Of Independent

    1. Jackdaw

      I’m no fan of Sinn Fein in fact I can’t stand them but there needs to be a serious discussion about media balance and impartiality in this country.

      1. Joe cool

        Problem is. The one’s that can do something about it are the ones who benefit from it the most

      2. ____

        I don’t know if there’s any deliberate bias from them, I think it’s just a crap newspaper.

        1. Delacaravanio

          Matt Cooper, when he got the job as Tribune editor, said that he had complete editorial independence from Tony O’Reilly, the only red line was the IRA and the North. O’Reilly wanted no support for Sinn Fein, or sympathy for the republican cause, being put into “his” newspapers (the Sunday Tribune and the Irish/Sunday Independent). Cooper responded accordingly.

          O’Reilly is gone from the board of the Independent, replaced by O’Brien, however everyone who rise their way up the ranks of the newspaper (including editor Fionnan Sheehan) would have cut their teeth in a environment that was outwardly hostile to Sinn Fein. I also have no doubt that O’Brien, a far more hands on newspaper baron than O’Reilly, is not a fan of Sinn Fein either.

  1. Murtles

    Independent “Of The Truth”. Will publish stories (lies or truth) about anyone and everyone except about he who must be exalted and revered Mr Denis O’Redacted.

  2. kingo

    and averil power gets a very easy ride from inm and had a puff piece about her boxing video last week.

  3. Whatevers

    Apologies and Retractions should be forced to utilise the same headline space that the original article did.

    Also, bear in mind the Indo and Sindo milked this for all it was worth, will the columnists like Jody Corcoran who were frothing at the mouth for a fortnight after this non-event also come clean and apologise? They will an’ their hole.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      This. They can post lies forever if the only consequence is a tiny little column that nobody will notice.

  4. Paddy

    The Independent could easily be renamed The Daily Sport at this stage. Like its owners they are a laughing stock at this stage. Didn’t we bail INM out? Repay us please!

  5. Neilo

    They’d need to publish an issue of An Phoblacht thicker than Infinite Jest to print all of those.

  6. :-Joe

    ennnnnnD’AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH …………………..

    Your propaganda rag is malfunctioning again……………


  7. Truth in the News

    Had they to pay Gerry damages they might let us know, as to Averil Power she
    might join the hacks at the Sindo, she has an invaluable insight into politics
    as a politican and the partner of newspaper editor.

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