33 thoughts on “Nomsensical

  1. Spoiler

    This guy is the healthiest beer reviewer I’ve ever come across. Even I’ve started to eat more cabbage because of his videos. I guess not a bad obsession to have as they go.

  2. Brian S

    I have no know. Who’s mate of this guy works in broadsheet? I think we have a right to know. For transparency sake. Because it sure as poo isn’t his talent that’s getting his videos posted

  3. OnPoint

    Cue the barrage of comments from ‘different people’ saying they don’t like the video they haven’t watched. In five , four, three, two and-

    1. LJG sucks butts

      Cue the barrage of comments from “different people*” who love the video but never ever comment on any other post on this site. In 5.. 4.. no they are already here WHAT A SURPRISE!!

      *aka LJG himself, how pathetic

      1. Rowsdower

        How sad an desperate is this guy that he has to set up fake accounts to talk about how sexually attractive he is. Must be one lonely life.

  4. ahjayzis

    Do you not have a duty of care to this gormless idiot?

    Posting this crap on a Monday morning has to lead to a slew of death threats from people feeling as fragile and temperamental as I do >_<

  5. Brian S

    every time you post one of these videos another person supports donald trump/a kitten dies/a baby gets aids/enda kenny gets another pension etc etc.

    stop it now.

  6. Mani

    All you need do is comment on every post:

    ‘Broadsheet: Why do you keep posting Leather Jacket Guy content when the general genuine consensus is that he’s either the worst Andy Kauffman aper of all time or genuienly mentally ill?’

    Do this for the rest of the day. Do not leave a valid comment on any other post except for this one.

    1. LJG sucks butts

      That, but use swear words, so BS have to edit every single post as well.


  7. Rowsdower

    Can anyone explain why these videos are still being posted?

    Its clear from the reaction here, that everyone thinks they’re awful. I say everyone because I don’t include the multiple fake accounts on BS, Youtube, and Twitter who post only on his videos and absolutely nothing else.

    So, its not thought of very highly, how about viewership? His videos always peak around 2000, give the amount of fake accounts he has posting fake comments on the videos, you’d have to imagine theres probably only a couple of hundred actual views on each video.

    So, with no actual fans, and absolutely no one lauding the quality of the content, why is this getting such a big push from Broadsheet? Every single time he makes a new video its promoted here and on twitter to a room full of shrugs. The only conclusion I can come to is whoevers fronting the money for all these fake sock puppet accounts to try and drive the viewers up is also paying off Broadsheet to post this inane drivel.

    1. Bricoleur

      He could be buying YouTube views. I think they can also come with random video comments too? I’ve not clicked on any of his videos as he looks like all of his hair is fake and he wants to be Russell Brand.

      1. MrTom

        Lets not show our age or lack of hair by being jealous. I know its hard to swallow but we are not the centre of attention anymore. Wish him the best and move on, gracefully.

  8. JennyCam

    If people don’t like it why do they comment all the time? I’m seeing numerous hateful comments from the same posters every time a video goes up and who obviously just change their names so they don’t appear too obsessed about him. Seriously if you hate the videos who cares? What’s more worrying is the fact it makes you so angry. Whether you like him or hate him he’s clearly affecting you to a level that you take time out of your day to skulk around monitoring other people’s commenting patterns on the website. And the fact you don’t mind making that public is also concerning. You say you don’t bother with him but it seems the opposite by your behaviour. Your obsession, love or hate, is still obsession. Neither of which is normal or healthy.

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